CS204 Grand Quiz Solved - Cyber Law Quiz & MCQs With Answer


CS204 Midterm Grand Quiz, Cyber Law MCQs and Quiz

A Solution of CS204 Grand Quiz Solved. Cyber Law Online Test and Exams MCQs and Quizzes with Answers. Prepare your CS204 Grand Quiz Midterm Exams.


Cyber Law MCQs and Quizzes Answers

1) What scrambles the contents of a file so you can’t read it without having the right decryption key?


2) Collecting personal information and effectively posing as another individual is known as

Identity Theft

3) The right, power, or authority to administer justice by hearing and determining controversies is referred to as?


4) The method of hiding ___ in such a way as to hide its substance is called encryption


5) The Electronic Transactions Ordinance (ETO), 2002, was the first IT-relevant legislation that consisted of sections.


6) The 1st Law related to cyber issues 1st introduced in 


7) When Plain text is converted to unreadable format, it is termed as

Cipher Text

8) Which of the following is an example of a cybercrime?

Spam Emails

9) What Floods a website with so many request for service that it slows down or crashes?

Denial-of Service attack

10) Malicious software is known as


11) A cyber attach in which a minor fraction of priced is added and taken to some other account is called


12) The First Cyber regulation was evolved in the year 


13) Jurisdiction over cases arising in or involving persons residing within a defined territory refers to 

Territorial Jurisdiction

14) All of these are suggestion for safe computing EXCEPT

Open all e-mail messages but open slowly

15) What is the fine of the “Cyber Spamming” Offense according to Electronic Crime Bill 2007?


16) Which of the following is a goal that courts try to achieve?

All of the Given Options

17) ___ is defined as any crime completed through the use of computer technology

Computer Crime

18) Cyber Culture Language is 

No specific Language

19) According to Electronic Crime Bill 2007 what is the imprisonment of “Unauthorized access to code” Offense ?

3 Years

20) ___ are the building blocks of the website.

Web pages

21) In the dimensions are physical in nature and all transactions are Performed off-line?

Traditional Commerce

22) According to Electronic Crime Bill 2007 what is the imprisonment of “Criminal Access” Offense?

3 Years

23) How many sections are included in Electronic Transactions Ordinance 2002?


24) What is the most common tool used to restrict access to a computer system?


25) Virus can reach to your computer in which way?

All of the above

26) What is the fine of “Defamation” Offence According to Electronic Crime Bill 2007?

5 Lac

27) ___ is the process or mechanism used for converting ordinary plain text into garbled non-human readable text & vice versa.


28) Members of Majlis-e-Shura in Shariah Appellate bench of supreme court of Pakistan works under?

Supreme Court

29) In ___ the dimensions are digital in nature and all transactions are performed on-line

Pure E-commerce

30) Internet is Owned by

No Body owns internet

31) The term “Cyber Law” Refers to all the legal and regulatory aspects of ___ the and its ___

Internet, users

32) Who breaks into other people’s computer systems and steals and destroy information?


33) Public key cryptography is also known as Cryptography?


34) What is “I” stands in CIA triad?


35) What is short for malicious software (is a software designed to disrupt computer operations, gather sensitive information, or gain unauthorized access to computer systems)?


36) The 1st l law related to digital transaction in Pakistan was introduced in ___


37) Firewalls are used to protect against ___

Unauthorized Access

38) Model Law on E-Commerce and E-Signatures were evolved in ___.


39) The network formed by the co-operative interconnection of a large number of computers networks is called ___


40) Amazon.com comes under the following model?


41) The imprisonment under section for violation of privacy information is ___ with fine of ___.

7 years. 1 million

42) Each electronic document on the web is called a ___

Web Page

43) What is hardware and/or software that protects computers from intruders?


44) ___ is a discussion or informational site published on the World Wide Web consisting of discrete entries typically, runs by an individual or a small group


45) What is the process of making a copy of the information stored on a computer?


46) In a hybrid approach ___ key is used to decrypt session key and ___ key to decrypt ciphertext

Private, Session

47) There are _ types of Jurisdictions


48) Gains or attempts to gain access to any information system with or without any purpose comes under ____.

Violation of Privacy information

49) Which type of e-commerce focusses on consumers dealing with each other?


50) What is the fine of “Cyber Terrorism” Offense According to Electronic Crime Bill 2007?

10 million

51) Process of buying, selling or exchanging products, services and information through computer networks is called


52) E-commerce is not suitable for

Online Job Searching

53) An e-business that allows consumers to name their own price for product and service is following which e-commerce model


54) Most individuals are familiar with which form of ecommerce ?


55) Which Process can Prevent data from lose due to computer problems or human errors?


56) The ability of a court to exercise power beyond its territorial limits refers to ___ Jurisdiction.

Extra Territorial Jurisdiction

57) The practice of forging a return address on an e-mail, so that the recipient is fooled into revealing private information is termed as?


58) What software detects and removes computer viruses


59) In internet terminology IP means

Internet Protocol

60) When a customer of a website are unable to access it due to bombardment of fake traffic, it is known as

Denial of Service Attack

61) Security Procedure can

Reduce but not eliminate risks

62) How Many Issues are covered In Electronic Crime Bill 2007?


63) A tense situation between and/or among nation-states and/or organized groups where unwelcome cyber-attacks may result in retaliation termed as

Cyber Dispute

64) Territorial Jurisdiction Refers to Jurisdiction over cases arising in or involving persons residing within a ___.

defined territory

65) In ___ both ends must agree upon a single shared key for encryption and decryption of messages and keep the key secret between them

Symmetric Encryption

66) The first Cyber regulation in Pakistan was ___.

Electronic Transaction Ordinance

67) What is “A” Stands for in CIA triad?


68) What is “C” Stands for in CIA triad?


69) Who Protects system from external threats?


70) All the legal and regulatory aspects of the Internet and its user are defined in the term

Cyber Law

71) A website is being accessed by referencing a that identifies the site

Uniform resource locator (URL)

72) Cipher technique uses “shift by 3 “rule in encrypting the plain text.

Caesar Cipher

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