ACC501 Current Final Term Paper 2021 -

ACC501 Current Final Paper 2021


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ACC501 Current Past Paper Objective and MCQs Questions

Onward 10 September 2020

1. Acc501 11/9/2020 5:00 pm

Q1. Define dealer, strikes, bid, spread, broker.

Q2. Shortcomings of payback rule.

Q3. Values are given to fined the projected income statement.

Q4. Values are given to find cash flow.

Q5. Values are given to find dividend yield, capital gains yield, total percentage yield.

Q6. Unsystematic risk is essentially eliminated by diversification explain.

Q7. M and M proposition of 1st state.

Q8. Financial policy.


Q10. What are EOQ. Write types of carrying cost and shortage cost.

2. ACC501 Current Final Past Paper


Last lectures sy aya tha sb(39 to 45)

(Mcqs) Ma calculations thi..

1. Find IRR

2. Find net income

3. Cash flow

4. Management objects

5. Credit analysis

6. Float and cash management

ACC501 Current September 23, 2020 at 9:43pm

1. What does Optimal Credit Policy State?

2. How firm’s overall cost of capital is calculated?

3. What is the reason for tax payment for the different of market value and book value?

4. Aqsa need RS.100, 000 to bear her child’s school donation after 3 years. A bank offering her to earn 9% simple interest rate on the amount. She has to put up today?

5. Write down the 5 C’s of credit evaluation along with their descriptions that are analyzed in credit analysis?

6. Define Benchmarking. Discuss the methods used for benchmarking.

7. Suppose a firm borrows RS 500000 at an interest rat 8% tax rate is 35% Calculate:

Total Interest Bill per year

After-Tax Interest Bill

After-Tax Interest Rate

August 24, 2019 at 2:14pm

Today’s Paper ACC501

a) Payback period (5 marks)
b) Profitability Index + NPV (5 Marks)
c) WACC (5 Marks)
d) Portfolio (5 Marks)

e) Narrate types of Capital Costs (5 marks)
g) Sunk cost and opportunity cost give example (3 marks)
h) Question related to cash budget
i) Preemptive Right with Example (3 marks)
j) Aim /goal of disbursement float managing? What strategies are employed to achieve it? (3 marks)

August 27, 2019 at 10:41pm

Today Acc501 paper
1-credit instruments and explain it.
2-create income statement?
3- systematic risk & unsystematic risk.
4-find dividend yield, capital gain, total revenue.

September 1, 2018 at 5:26pm

ACC501 Today Paper Timing:11 to 1
Mcqs 40%numerical and 60% conceptual...
Q1) Drawbacks of payback rule. 3marks
Q2) Constant growth stock explains. 3marks
Q3) Difference btw Operating cycle and cash cycle? 3 marks
Q4) Find capital gain yield, dividend yield, and return? 3marks
Q5) Match the column. Capital budgeting related. 5 marks
Q6) Stock X and Y which are preferable. (Variance related)? 5 marks
Q7) Find the minimal cash budget) 5 marks
Q8) Find capital and dividend gain yield and also find return? 5 marks
Q9) Find the Cash Cycle? 3 marks

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