BIF401 Current Final Term Paper 2021 - VU Answer

BIF401 Current Final Term Paper 2021


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Bif401 Final Term Paper. 19.09.2020 at 5pm

30 Mcq's from Ppt Slides

Q1. What does Scenario the term "Noise" used in dot plot? 2M

Q2. What happens when pH is less than the pK value? 2M

Q3. Tandem mass spectrometry? 2M

Q4. What is ab initio modeling? Discuss its limitation as well? 2M 

Q5. Characteristics of amino acids? 2M

Q6. 3 conditions necessary for beta-turn according to chou fasman algorithm? 3M

Q7. Related to Q6? 3M

Q8. Enlist three individual scores that can be obtained from integrative scoring scheme? 3M

Q9. Why do we need to model protein structure when we have X-ray and NMR? 3M

Q10. What will be the output result of the blast search, mention any three please? 3M

Q11. How protein sequences are identified? 5M

Q12. What are optimal energy functions…

Bif401. (9:30 Am) 

1) spectrometer (2)

2) salient features of ORF 

3) is protein sequence determine difficult? 

4) how we have the algorithm of the best protein sequence 

5) how we can determine the sequence of the protein


6) factors affecting the protein folding 

7) what happen when protein infolding 

8) how can find out the loops when computing the a-helix and b-sheets 

Or mcqs ak, 2 chor K sab midterm K syllabus sy thy 

9) goal of protein folding 

10) Why Chou fasman algorithm is used. 

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