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BT503 Current Final Term Paper 2021

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Bt503 paper 

1: Definition Glycophous?

2: conditions slduge treatment water waste?

3: difference between - Conjugation- transducer?

4: Biosensors 3 classes essential for transducer signal ,y long tha iss trh ki statement thi biosensors k bry ma likhna tha?10 

5: Properties of Biosensors ?

Past papers sy 2"3 question thy


Advantage of bio trickling over a bio filter 

Role of endophytes 

Fundament requirements of clonning procedure 

Factor affecting in situ & ex situ techniques suitability 

Off site disposal of solid waste 

Maturation ponds

How xenobiotics degraded by microorganisms

Bt503 today 

Mcqs were from ppts 

Define biotechnology.2 marks

Phytoplankton and their application as bioindicators.  3 marks

Extremofiles. 3 marks

2 Reasons of problems  with biodegradation of detergents with example. 5 marks

List of sources of solid waste. 5 marks

What is PCR and how it works. 10 marks


2 advantage of the conventional biological sludge dewatering process

 Difference between natural and conventional sludge dewatering process

Environmental concern to the release of the hormone into environment.

Role of filter medium in  biofilter also name the compound of the  filter medium. 5mrks

Factor affecting bioremediation . describe all 5mrks

Five impact of chlorobenzene p dioxen on human health.5mrks

Name enzyme, solution and equipment's used in the genetic engineering 3marks

 There classes of biosensor and two advantages and disadvantages of immunosensor.

Role of organism to the biological toxicity of water and soil sample

Approx. 20 mcqs past papers se the

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