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CS201 Current Final Term Paper 2021

In This Post, Providing CS201 Current Final Term Paper 2021. Most Important and Useful CS201 Current Paper 2021. Easy to See and Download CS201 Paper.


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cs201 ka paper

Subjective mn totally programing thi, 3 programs lkhny thy aik function ka tha 

2 ki output lkhni thi

Static memory ka question tha 3 nmbr ka,

Kon sa arithmetic operator hm  C mn use nhi kr skty or kyon nhi kr skty

Past paper mn sy 20 percent tha

Objective to much easy totally from current quizzes

Subjective all question are finding errors and writing output

Only one question is:

What is this pointer?

cs201 9:30AM

1.can we change the behavior of overloaded operator -(minus)?Justfy.

2.what wil be output of program(Mcqs)

int i=23;



3.what will be output if function will call 5 times

void function()

{int x=0;




4.what will be output of programm





5. write c++ code to set precision upto 3 decimal places of float value 1.2345678 which will give a 9 digit float output with preceding 0s.

6. aik class dii hoi thi or default constructor diyah hoa tha class kay andar or yh main code likhna tha

write main code which will do following…

Cs201 (1-3-21) 

Easy paper Aya Mera...

Mcqs totally from moaz and waqar siddhu files and from VU MULTAN ..


This pointer , process of deallocation of memory in case of

(I) malloc

(II) new 

Making program for employee salary ...

What is destructor ? Why and how it is called?


MCQs maximum past paper + quiz waly question or Long ma Macro or program 5 employee ki salary show krwani thi or or

Mera exam ho gya...

Mushkil ni tha , assan tha , mcqs b assan thy....

3 marks ...Difference between" _>" and " ."

3 marks ...Declare 3 ×3 matrix and initialize all elements with 0 using loop

3 marks...use setflag manipulator function to show number in octal and hexadecimal

3 marks...ak chota sa program tha , us ki output btani thi

3 marks...2 classes di hui thi , un ka two way relation bnana tha

5 marks ....setfill aur setw ma…

Cs201 at 11:00 am

5 to 7 mcqs from past papers of waqar 

Q1: difference between default and parameterized constructors. 

Q2: use three variable to expose the dec, hex, and oct. 

Q3, write c++ programs with three variable salary, no. Of days and rate and salary account by the formula Salary= no.days*rate Take out of no of days with the daily rate of 1000 per day. 

Q4: write c++ program with 2 variable 1- calculate rows and columns 2- calculate transpose of matrix Q5_ function of default function

Q6_ if you agree prototype of ordinary function and special function of a class are same. Justify with comment.

3 questions error find

2 questions output btane wale

2 programs

R 3 ese he short short question the Kn knse operator overload ni ho skte wo btayen Kese pta chlega k new function se memory allocate hue h ya ni

paper cs201 

30 to 40% From past papers of Moaaz And Waqar Bhatti

2 Question on Finding Errors in code 

1 question was on incrementing Date through class 

1 question from pointers i.e getting input from user and reverse the order through pointer

Write a program for array of 10 numbers using float data type and initialize the first 4 numbers at 1.0,2.0,3.0,4.0 (3 marks) We use Malloc or Calloc to allocate memory chuck, what should we check against to know if the allocation of the memory chunk was successful or not. (3 Marks) 

Why do we use delete to free memory? write the code to free memory in the following code (Code consisted new operator but no delete operator to free it just had to enter that in the code) (3 marks) 

Suppose an object in Class A is made an object of Class B(don't exactly remember the wording) For which class the constructor is called for first For which class the destructor is called for first (3 marks) 

Find mistakes in the given code, give a reason for the mistakes and also write the correct code. (the program was about Teacher ID and coding consisted of class and constructor) (5 Marks) 

Suppose we want to write a Macro that swaps 2 numbers, what problems can we come across and how do we avoid them? Give 5 effects (5 marks)

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Current Paper and Important thoughts are recommended there will be higher chance to ask for exams in repeated questions. 

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