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CS501 Current Final Term Paper 2021

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1.a collection of microinstruction is called a microprogram.

2.under-run error ki statment the 

3 hardware intrupet ka mcq

4 branc addres

5 intrupet latency

6 the tool loads a FALCON-A binary file with a (.binfa) extension

7 the .equ directive can be used anywhere in the source file to assign values to variables.

8 ard disk m sy platter and tracks k mcq thy

9RAID ka mcq tha aik

10 ALU is a combination of arithmatic

11 flash memory

12 cach ka mcq

13 cache hit ka mcq 

14 little law

15 Which one of the following is the memory organization of SRC processor? 2^32 * 8 bits

16 The prior character that was received was not still read by the CPU and is overwritten by a new received character.

• Framing error

• Parity error

• Overrun error

CS501 Today Paper, 10/09/2020.

MCQs 40

5 Marks 5 Questions

3 Marks 5 Questions

22 MCQs from Past papers, Waqar Sidhu and Arslan Arshad

Ziada tr Waqar Sidhu

Q. Describe Hard desk, 3Marks.

Q. Floating-Point representation, 3 Marks.

Q. Connectionless Communication, two examples. 3Marks.

Q. Connection-oriented Communication. 5Marks.

Q. Name three control signals, 5 Marks.

Q. Four Characteristics of SPARC. 5 Marks.

Q. Discuss timing in Asynchronous, digraph given. 5 Marks

Cs501 11:30 paper

Almosy all mcqs from past papers

Radix conversaion to base 10

16k x static arrangements

Role of branch and external interprets during file deletion

Bus contention

Cs501 27 feb 7:30am

Short question (3 marks)

1)Name of three method of  I/O to measure the i/o subsystem performance?

2) what is cross-assembler?

3) what is meant by  data bus multiplexing?

4) differentiate between PROM and EPROM?

5) How symbol Table generate from Falcon-A assembler

Long Questions (5 marks):

1)Briefly explain different types of Serial communication?

2) write steps of floating point adding and subtracting?

3) lectures 41 example 10


Mix all final term lectures

1.5 hours timing

Assalam o alaikum today's cs501 paper 7:30

MCQs 80 percent from past

Subjective most of the questions from past 

1)software r daisy poll

2)memory or I/O ki i think sub types th sai sy yd ni

3)types of multiplexer channel

4)data pin r address pin find out krni th

5) MC68000 kia h r MOVEA r DS.B btana th iska 

6)hit value r miss value vala b ek question th....

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Difference between RAID level 2 and 3 (3 Mark's)

Difference between PROM And EPROM (3 Mark's)

Virtual Address types and define the purpose of each type (3 Mark's)

Define Nuxi Problem (3 Mark's)

Write a note on Write Back and Write through

(5 Marks)

Aik numerical tha aur aik multiplication by shift operation wala question tha ...5....5 Mark's kay thy dono

-24×2. Ye question aya tha Multiplication By Shift operation k through solve karna tha issay page no 305 example no 7 k question k related tha question

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