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MCM301 Current Final Term Paper 2021

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MCM301 (9:30A.M) paper 

Totall Questions 38...30 Mcqs + 8 subjective...5 Questions of 3 marks...& 3 Questions of 5 marks...Mcqs ksi past file m sy nhi thy...sary conceptual or handouts m sy don't waste time on past papers just read handouts....

A detailed note on logical appeal? 5 marks

Other than facts how you will persuade your audience. what Are the questions in your mind?

Characteristics of a Good newsletter?

Parts of a business letter? 5 marks 

What is brainstorming? 3marks

Non-essential parts of a business letter?

Mcqs mostly resumes. reports...or handouts m sy thy

MCM301 exam.

*35mm slides complete topic

*Memo, Memorandum complete topic.

*Business letter body guidelines.

*Disappointing letter

*Order letter.

MCM301 27 02 21

60 percent MCQS were from past papers


Also from past papers n Main Lectures (Last waly)

Outline of the topic

Advantages of Memo

Audience center tone

Visual Aids Preference and Reason

Steps for writing a persuasive message

Disability bias 

Evaluating business writing editing stage wala

Importance or Role of Resume

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Current Paper and Important thoughts are recommended there will be higher chance to ask for exams in repeated questions. 

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