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MGT111 Current Final Term Paper 2021

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MGT111 3/4/2021 @8:30 PM EST  

Write down the three methods of external control used in public sector organizations of Pakistan.

Differentiate between efficiency and effectiveness.

Briefly discuss the impact of government taxation on citizens’ income, savings, and investments. Give four objectives of bringing “managerialism” to the public sector.

How does a manager use reinforcement theory to motivate employees? Suggest any two ways.

For the motivation of the employees according to the reinforcement theory employees can be motivated; 


Differentiate Training & Development

Explain Development & non-development expenditures

Explain New Idea Management

Explain Grapevine Communication and its types

Explain the concept of performance of pay

Explain F. W. Taylor model

WAPDA advertise the post of Director Legal Affairs, Explain

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