ZOO502 Current Final Term Paper 2021 - VU Answer

ZOO502 Current Final Term Paper 2021

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Zoo502 7:30. 

Define aggregation

What systemic circuit? 

Objective of ethology

Types of somach in vertebrates 5 marks

Adoptations of ectotherm in hot environment 5 marks

ZOO502... Date 27_2_2021

MCQ,s  40

1)types of vascular resistance  (2)

2)accesary glands of alementary canal (2)

3) Blubber and it's role (2)

4)proenzyme with example. (2)

5)systemic circuit  (3)

6)Ethology and objectives (5)

7)types of blood vessels (5)

8)Animal orientation (5)

Zoo502 timing 11:30

Torpor with example 5

Hypoxia and explanation 5

Effect of gravity on atrial bp 3

Ornithine urea cycle 3

 Ethology and objectives 3

Cognitive maps 2

Alimentary canal types 2

Objectives from past file.

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