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BT302 Immunology Quiz 1 Solution Answer


1. Following route of administration of vaccine is considered as appropriate in term of optimum immune response.

a) sub-cutaneous

b) intramuscular

c) gastric

d) intravenous

2. Which of the following sequence is correct in term of increasing immunogenicity

a) proteins>carbohydrates>lipids>amino acids

b) amino acids>lipids>carbohydrates>proteins

c) proteins>lipids>carbohydrates>amino acids

d) amino acids>proteins>carbohydrates>lipids

3. These all are principles for clonal selection of lymphocytes EXCEPT -----

a) Unique Receptor Specificity

b) Lymphocytes Activation

c) Selection of lymphocytes bearing receptors against self –molecules 

d) Differentiation of lymphocyte

4. These all are the ways to control the extracellular pathogens by immune system EXCEPT --------

a) Neutralization

b) Opsonization

c) interferon production

d) Complement activation

5. Super-antigens have the ability to activate -------- of T-cells polyclonally.

a) 50%

b) 10%

c) 5%

d) 25%

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