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BT406 Current Midterm Paper 2022

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Limitation of trivariate table

Case studies characteristic 

Sources of concept

Scale and index

Exploratory and descriptive research with goals

Methods to protect confidentiality

Bt 406 

Q1. Source of collecting data.  2

Q2. Define Parameter with example.  2

Q3. Characteristics of scientific method. 3

Q4. Limitation of trivariate.   3

Q5. How to locate the research report.    5

Q6. How to protect confidentiality of research.    5

Mcqs were from handouts mostly.

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1---------- is a document that present a plan for project to reviewer of evaluation. Research proposal.

2. Strong relationship between the library facility (x) and performance of students (Y) depends on the interest and inclination of students which modifies the original relationship in the given determine what is the type of variable that modifies the original relationship ____ Moderating Variable

3. In the conclusions section of an industry-based case study, the recommended action plan is fully analyzed in terms of its:_______ viability, feasibility. and benefit to the company 

4. In research, the approach in which by repeating the observation researchers want to be ‘definite/positive’ is called ……………………

paper BT406

1) what is hypothesis? Give example

2) difference between scale and index

3) Criteria for research design

4) limitations of trivial table

4) what is Case Study write characteristics?

5) Role of theory in Science

MCQs from handout 7 to 8 mcqs were from Sir Arsalan File

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Bt 406 

two power bases of knowledge 2

Two rules of code construction 2

Four dimensions of research 3

Define the term parameter and give example 3

Explain the difference between exploratory research and descriptive research 5

Different ways to protect confidentiality in research 5

Mcqs kuch file sy thy kuch handouts sy

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Appropriate Sample designing 5

Report writing 5

Case studies 2 

Cluster sampling 3

Index and scale diffrence 3 ak 2 marks ka yad ni question

Mcqs all from handouts and very much😌 conceptual..😒😢

bt406 at education in campus of fazil pur :

Index and scale difference of 3 marks 

What is purposive sampling of 5 marks 

Two basic power of research of 2 marks 

Several ways to protect confidentiality of 5 Mark's 

And all mcqs were from handsout 

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 1.Parties in research 

2descriptive expolratory research and their goals 

3.linear neagtive ,linera positive 

4.mathods of literature

Mcq file sy thy mostly


Bt406 at 4pm

1.the research data collected from sources.two mention them.

2.statistic in research

3.what things keep in mind when making table present one research.

4.double sampling

5.descriptive and exploratory and their goals.

5 Mcqs from file while other conceptual.


Mcqs sir arslan ki file se13, baqi conceptual

Dependent and independent variables 2marks

Index scales 2marks

3limitations in trivariate table 3 marks

Rights of participants 3marks

Role of theory in science 5marks

Things to view while making table in research work 5 marks

BT406     4:pm

Negative & positive linear difference

Write a note on communication analysis

Sampling unit

Descriptive statistics

Literature review sy aik question tha wo yad nai aa raha



1. Purposive sampling.

2. Longitudinal and   descriptive research.

3. Relationship of variable.

4. Scale and Index


What are the uses of null hypotheis?

What is the criteria of sampling?

Describe descriptive and exploratory research... Also goals of both.

Two methods of data collection in research.

How descriptive statistics can be classified give example

What is parameter in research terminology?

Bt406 paper 

Relationship of variables

Define statistics in research

Locate a research report

What are the things to keep in mind while presenting ones research?


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