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CS605 Current Midterm Papers 2022

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paper today CS605

MCQs come from past papers and grand quizzes 

Subjective Portion:

Two important risk factors for nuclear reactors

Best software development lifecycle model when risk is a concern

Is post-mortem analysis important for process improvement? Provide reasons.

If you are part of a software firm that aims to solve problems by group concensus and only appoints temporary leaders then what organizational structure is better suited for your organization. Also, what mode of communication will be followed in that organization.

Calculate system complexity. (Values were given in table. Formula is C = ∑ (Si + Di))

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Today my cs605 paper                              

Mcqs mostly in past papers file moaaz 

Subjective ma, past papers sa two sa 3 questions Aya tha 

1. Mantie suggests three general team organization CD, CC, DD, 

2. Risk analysis and management ka addresses write Karna tha 

3. software project par influenced hona wala factors 

4. Factors related operations.

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Cs605 Paper 

one to many and many ko many entity ki example Deni the. 

2. weak entity ki definition aur example Deni the.

3. design development, software quality assurance, requirements, coding and testing ki definition the 5 marks ki ak hi question mein.

4. ak graph tha us mein batana tha k maintainability improve ho rahi hai ya nahi sath reason b Dani the.

5. ak aur graph tha jis mein defect reported ka batana tha

CS605 exam today

MCQs were conceptional but easy

1-There was a question on frequency of ripple defect

2- a question on she wart Walter technique and give your opinion on it

3- a question about project management and which technique you will use and why

4- there was a question on Data element types need to identify in the scenario

Cs605 today 

mcqs half conceptual thy half past Main sy thy  

short OR Long question totally conceptual they ek rivison K phase likhny thy ek measure 

OR matrics ki statement likhni thi project size wagra mention kiy hwy they end py 

Long question tha K ap c language Main 15sal phly ek program likhty ho jis Main 20000 line code hai wo 5 month Main complete krty ho ek program ab likhty ho jis ki 3000 line code 2 month Main puri krty tu btay K productivity K lahaz sy konsa program Best hai

Cs605 done

14 mcqs past se thy 

5 number 2 questions 

1. When ccb decide to change to happen or Deny it. which change ECO defines 

2.major difference between software reliability and software s

4 questions 3 number 

1.What is Software refactoring? 

2.What is legacy system?

3.define task network 

4.mtbf calculated by 

Ans. mtbf = mtbf+mttr


Identify the "Staged" and "Continuous" CMM from the following


Structure (Staredor Continuous)

Software CMM

System Engineering CMM

Software Acquisition CMM

System Security Engineering CMN


Write the name of those tasks which are included in Software Configuration


The processes at CMM Level-1 are typically) undocumented and in a state of dynamic,

Change. How they are dealt with?

Write the name of the device which prevents potential quality problem before it occurs or

rapidly detects quality problems if they are introduced?

Which type of failure cost involves cost for complaint resolution, product retum and

replacement, help-line support, warranty work, and law suits?

Normally what type of information is included in Configuration Status Reporting (CSR)?


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