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EDU431 Current Midterm Papers 2022

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Students must prepare these edu431 midterm current papers in 2022. Also, it can give edu431 midterm preparation 2022 essential topics, questions an overview of the paper.


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Definition of revolution

Diagnostic assessment

Fairness used in today test for selecting

Key steps of portfolio

Definition of guess 

Some mcqz repeated from file💕best of luck to all of you🥰👍


Classroom assessment 2marks

Function table of specifications. 2marks

Level of cognitive domain...3marks

Explain standard of students learning according to national curriculum. 3marks

Restricted easy type question ...5marka

Fairness in selecting appropriate test...5marks

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Edu431 4:00pm 

1: Types of test 

2: synthesis level if cognitive domain 

3: standard of structure according to national curriculum 

4: Portfolio 

5: written test types

Edu 431

Effective domains level

What do you means by unreliable results

 Fixed choice assesstment and complex choice assessment

5 stpes of portfolis 5 marks

Table of sepecification and stpes or ways of it explain 5 marks

Formula table of specification 3 marjs

Five types of formative assessment: Define standards

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1. Explain standards of students learning according to national curriculum? 2 marks

2. what is Anecdotal record? 2 marks

3. Explain the formula of   instruction of measurement in mints? 2 marks is tarha ka question tha 

4. 3 weaknesses of portfolio? 3 marks

5. What is fixed choice assessment and complex performance assessment? 3 marks

6. What is criterion referenced and its example? 5 marks

7. Explain 5 strengths of portfolio? 5 marks 

EDU 431

Merits of portfolios... 5 marks

Criterion-referenced assessment... 5 marks

Face content construct validity ...3 marks

Fixed choice assessment with example 

Performance base assessment with example ...3 marks

Questions related to knowledge, comprehension, application levels. 3 marks

Define reliability...2 marks

Four sources for developing objectives...2 marks

EDU 431 midterm

1- define assessment (2)

2- write four types of written test (2)

3- what is over and cover observation (2)

4- write stages of educational (3) decision

5- write 3 points of self-assessment (3)

6- write the steps of Blooms taxonomy of cognitive decision (5)

7- what is reliability? Types of reliability (5) 

All the Mcqs are from handouts too easy


Define measurement 2

Fixed choice assessment & complex performance assessment (3 marks)

norm reference assessment (5)

Enlist 6 types of formative Assessment (3)

Summative assessment 

Table of specification

Content, face and construct validity 

Methods to estimate reliability

Edu431 10.30 paper

unreliable test 

assessments recommended in curriculum 

formative assessment 

fixed choice and complex   choice assessment 

DOK taxonomy 

nature of reliability 

Standard for appropriate test 

restricted response essay type question


Types of formative assessment.

Five standards for selecting appropriate test.

Cognitive domain.

Table of specifications.

Diagnostic assessment.

Type of test.




Edu 431

Some Mcqs form grand quiz

 Measurement 3 marks

Purpose the test assessment 3 marks

Test specification 5 marks and purpose 3 marks

Bloom taxonomy steps 5 marks

Why conduct Essay type assessments 3 marks

Write the formula of test specification with column 3 marks

Edu 431

1 Three items of objective type question

2 table of specification

3 classroom assessment


4 criterion reference assessment

5 methods to estimate reliability

EDU 431.

2.30 Time

Types of test short 2 

Types of test 5 Mark's

How fariness is necessary to.. test 5 Mark's

Bloom texanomy 3 Mark's

Differ Complex type of test and simple type of test 3

Edu 431      time 2:30

3 weaknesses of portfolio 3 marks

Formula for table of specifications 2 marks

Method of estimate reliability. 5 marks

Diagnostic assessment .3 marks 

Criterion-referenced and its examples 5 marks

Level of cognitive domain


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