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ENG506 Current Midterm Papers 2022

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ENG506 ka paper 

1 or 2 quizzes fils man thy mcqs subjective man first portion tha zyada r last sy tha drmeyan man sy kuch ni aya tha


1.pragmatic function.

2.role of bureaucracy in language policy.

3.linguistic imperialism 

4.dictionary in legitimizing a variety of English.

5.name three ways by which English has exercise power in different strata of societies.

6. why is English considered a dominant language during language policy

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 5 marks

 Variation in work Englishes

5 university name with off shore campus. History of African American English.... 

3 marks... 

Pressure face by women while accessing dominant language... CPEC...  

How do you deal with disadvantage of not owning English language? 

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1Vetnam imperialism language policy 

2 African status and vocabulary and language policy of media.

3define features of language imperialism.

4 regional dictionarie ain and example


3 mark questions

1.3 aims of colonial lang policy.

2.dialect with example.

3.situation of Elt in eductnl cntxt of Africa.

4.dclrtn of natnl and official language of Pakistan.

5.Current state of education in world englishes.

6.State the myth of a nativ spkr as ideal teacher.

5 mrks questions

1.purpose of compiling regional dictnry.

2.Explain proximity agreement.

3.enlist socio linguistic variety in english in NEW ZEALAND and Australia.

4.3 names of eng collocation.


Tody my paper ENG 506

Gender study in linguistic 

●Role of bureaucracy in language policy 

●Sementic role in American English

●two negative effects of English Non-native countries

●Name two kinds of linguistic change

● Name five competitors International high Education

● stand for ESP and  EFL

● Stand for BPO ITO BRI CPEC 

● "English is a killer language" write 3 statement jo support krti hein es sentence ko

●3 prompts of code-mixing


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