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MGT502 Current Midterm Papers 2022

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28 MCQS* 

29: what is the purpose of organizational behavior, and how managers get benefits from them? 3 marks 

30: what the term Selective perception means.. 3marks 

31: As the motivational theories suggests, Unsatisfied needs stimulate and motivate individual. How being a manager explain the importance of compatibility of individual needs and organizational goals..5 marks 

32: In a organization there is a diverse workforce, and the definition of ethics varies culture to culture, and many ethical issue generated. How managers deal with such type of challenges. Any 4 points....5marks

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(MGT 502)

3% mcqs were from past pprs/previous grand quiz, rest was new.

Most of mcqs were based on theories (equity, maslow's etc.)

Descriptive questions as under

03 Marks Questions

Q1: In order to enhance performance of the employees, what different attitudes would you inculcate in your employees. Describe any three?

Q2: In Corporate environment, people from and join various informal groups and unions. Explain why?

05 Marks Questions

Q3: Self Serving and fundamental attribution bias aften lead to develop an inaccurate explanation of behaviour of others and self. How would you differentiate both of them?

Q4: How would you differentiate felt emotions from display emotions. Also explain how can individual control his/her emotions at work.

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Mgt 502 

2 Question (3 marks )

2 questions (5marks)

Short Question 

1). How do have low and high self_effiency impact the job performance and employee at work?

2) impression management and discuss diff strategies?

Long question

1) Emotional intelligence “and how we can control? Write something about thatt..

2)  there was some situation about perception and write something about that was on conceptual base ...

Mgt 502 midterm

<Total questions=32>

Mcqs = 28(totally conceptual only 2 from past)

2 question of 3 marks & 2 question of 5 marks

 3 marks <Types of Behaviors>

 3 marks <3 points for the Employee encouragement in organization>

 5 marks <Need types>

 5 marks <5 Globe cultures>

Paper Mgt-502 

Q1. how voice and loyalty are constructive behaviors.        3 marks

Q2. Norms and values affect team   3marks

Q3. Steps in rational decision-making model   5 marks 

Q4. Are different ages of employees affect performance   5marks


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