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CS201 Current Final Term Papers 2022

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Today cs201 paper

Constructor that gave 2 augments to both members (5)

This operator is use for?

What function is use to free memory allocation 

What happens when we not free memory? 

array [2][3] number of elements?


Mostly paper was from past papers.


Mostly MCQs From past papers of Moaaz And Waqar 

2 Question on Finding Errors in code

1 question was on incrementing Date through class

1 question from pointers i.e getting input from user and reverse the order through pointer

Write a program for array of 10 numbers using float data type and initialize the first 4 numbers at 1.0,2.0,3.0,4.0 (3 marks) We use Malloc or Calloc to allocate memory chuck, what should we check against to know if the allocation of the memory chunk was successful or not. (3 Marks)

Why do we use delete to free memory? write the code to free memory in the following code (Code consisted new operator but no delete operator to free it just had to enter that in the code) (3 marks)

Suppose an object in Class A is made an object of Class B(don't exactly remember the wording) For which class the constructor is called for first For which class the destructor is called for first (3 marks)

Find mistakes in the given code, give reason for the mistakes and also write the correct code. (the program was about Teacher ID and coding consisted of class and constructor) (5 Marks)

Suppose we want to write a Macro that swaps 2 numbers, what problems can we come across and how do we avoid them? Give 5 affects (5 marks)

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CS201 Final Term Important Topics

1.    New Operator and delete Operator

2.    Manipulator (dec, hex, oct)

3.     This Keyword

4.     Constructor, deconstructor (very important)

5.    Memory in C and C++ (How to adjust memory and delete memory)

6.    Pre-Increment, Post-Increment 

7.    Binary and Uniary Operator

8.    Overloaded Operator

9.    endl, \n, \t  keyword

10.    Templates (+, - )

11.    Matrix Templates (Lesson No 41-43)

12.     Getline, seekp

13.     Mathematical Opertor Seqeunce 

14.  While Loop

CS201 Final Term Paper

Q1: difference between default and parameterized constructors.

Q2: use three variable to expose the dec, hex, and oct.

Q3, write c++ programs with three variable salary, no. Of days and rate and salary account by the formula Salary= no.days*rate Take out of no of days with the daily rate of 1000 per day.

Q4: write c++ program with 2 variable 1- calculate rows and columns 2- calculate transpose of matrix

Q5_ function of default function

Q6_ if you agree prototype of ordinary function and special function of a class are same. Justify with comment.

3 questions error find

2 questions output btane wale

2 programs

R 3 ese he short short question the Kn knse operator overload ni ho skte wo btayen Kese pta chlega k new function se memory allocate hue h ya ni

(5 matks)

Consider the following statement :

String *text;

Text = new String[5];

Now we want to delete this array, what happens when we use the following statement? Justify your answer with solid reasons.

Delete text;

Write code which overloads the function named abs1 for integer, double and character data types.

For example, if we pass an integer value to this function, a message should print on screen “using integer abs1”, on passing a double type value, the message “using double abs1” and on passing character value, the message “using character abs1” should print.

Read the following code carefully and find out errors in it.

#include <iostream.h>

Class A





Cout “n A Constructor …”;




Cout “n A Destructor …”;



Class B





Cout “n B Constructor …”;




Cout “n B Destructor …”;



A a


Void main(void)


B b;


Given is the code for the class myClass.

Class myClass



Int x;

Int y;




X = 0;

Y = 0;



You are required to write the code to perform the following task in the main() function.

Prompt the user to enter the number of objects to be created.

Dynamically allocate memory to objects according to the size entered by user.

De-allocate memory that was allocated to objects.

Write a program which prompts the user to enter a string and reverse the string using pointers and display the string in reverse order on the output screen. Program must input a complete line including spaces(3 marks )

Is it possible to define a function inside the class? If yes, then how does the compiler treat the newly defined function?

Is it possible to define a function inside the class? If yes, then how does the compiler treat the newly defined function?

Suppose an object of class A is declared as data member of class B.

  1. The constructor of which class will be called first?

  2. The destructor of which class will be called first?

Write a statement for opening file trans.txt for input; using an ifstream object called inTransaction.

What will be the output of the given program code ?

#include <iostream>

Using namespace std;

Int main ()


Int n;



Cout right n endl;


Cout internal n endl;


Cout left n endl;

Return 0;


èIf the requested memory is not available in the system then what does calloc(), malloc() and new operator return?

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Pointer/Reference Difference tha or sentax likhna tha malloc or calloc ka program dea hova tha error find krna tha or class  realted program tha jis my hight or withd find krni thy or jo mcq thy vo past paper sy nhi thy but os k related thy

Cs201 ppr 

Paper unary binary std abrivation kafi past s ty mcqs r bht sy apny pas s diye ty... 3 program ty ak oct hexa m cnvrnt krna ta, ak macro cube m find out krna ta ak mujy yd ni... R overloading ka question ta... Papr mera acha ni hva.. Ap sb dua krna thnx..

*Cs201 today paper*

 Object r uski example ayi thii

 Yptr*24  pointr ki value thi iska output batana tah

ndefine ka kio progrram likhna tah Setprecuous wala program tah

Ik n dine program ki output.likhni thii

Int 4 ki data bype kitni ya mcq aya

Funtioon wala ik aya

Arry k liya int use hota ya aya

Macro ki kitni type ya aya

Contructur wala b aya tha msq ik

Overloading ka syntax or  function b batana tah

cs201 ppr

mcqs past ppr mein sy 5 ya 6 aur baqi bhi bht easy thy

Q. approches for operator loading 3 marks

Q. global variable btana tha

Q.progrm template function ki output btani thi 

Q. Output of program using Static variable

Cs201 Today paper

Mcqs Sarey past paper main se ay thy 

*Subjective part*

Malloc function ka syntax, classes wala topic imp ha output nikalni thi......

Baki easy tha paper ....

paper cs201

Mcqs Mostly Conceptual thy aur past sy thy

Short question mai Cin ki Source batana tha aur Frnd function ka batana tha

Aur ak ki output batni thi

 1) Long question mai setbase Wala Program krna tha

2nd mai new operator wala krna tha

CS201 Final Term Paper

*MCQs 90% From:* Past Papers

*Short & Long Questions 90% from these Topics:*


Memory allocation

Dynamic memory allocation

Memory leak

Dangling pointers

Inline function Vs Macros

Function overloading

Classes and objects with syntax

Constructor and destructor ( complete concept)

New operator

Class Abstraction

Friend Function and classes

Difference between Reference and pointers

Operator overloading

Unary operator

Assignment operator

This operator


Overloading insertion and extraction operator

Static objects

Call by value and call by reference

Copy constructor

Classes inside classes

Template function and objects

Class Templates

Cs201 today's paper:

17 mcqs from past paper

Memory leak 

New and delete operatons

Function prototype

Functions overloading


Kuch Mcq past quiz ki file m thy

Q. Malloc new ko deallocate karny ka function write karena tha

Zyada tar Output find Waly questions thy

Long write a simple program to convert a decimal number on to octa in main use three decimal to in put value

cs201 today ppr 

mcqs ay thy past ppr sy 

2 qs output k and 1 qs tha find error

swap values using pointer 

df between structure and class.


18 mcqs thy 

2question thy 3 marks ky 

Get ,put ,getline putline function ko btana tha ky input kon sa ha aur output stream kon sa ha ..

Sum function ka prototype declear krna tha .

2 long questions thy 

Macros wala topic 

Aur 1 program tha

Cs201 Today paper 

16 mcqs 

Almost past papers ma sa thy Moaaz ki file sa aur waqar ki file sa paper easy tha 

2 short 3,3 marks k output batani thi 

1 ma code dya hua tha errors batani thi 

Program ni aaya mara tu

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