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CS506 Current Final Term Papers 2022

Are you looking at CS506 Current Final term Paper 2022? If yes, then you visit the right site. We Provide CS506 Current Papers 2022. CS506 Final term Past Papers 2022 Mega File.


Students must prepare these cs506 finalterm current papers 2022. Also, it can give cs506 final term preparation 2022 important topics, questions, and an overview of the paper with downloads pdf files below.


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Cs506 today paper

Almost mcqs from past paper moaaz or waqar

Question tha ak js my coding krni thi upr wrng code dia tha usy corect krna tha 

Ak 5 marks ka question tha colum match krne thy

Ak or 5 ka question tha js my code bnana tha


Expression operations 


HttpServelent k 3 eerors 

HttpServelent resolve

2 long program

Mcqs waqar ki files sy ay r moaaz file b

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CS506 Important Topics 

Thread (complete concept)

Life cycle of thread 

HTTP protocol 

Servlets and its life cycle


Package(complete concept )

JSP (concept)

JSP vs. Servlet

Types of tags

Lecture 40-45 

Use past papers for MCQ’s

CS506 Web Design and Development with Java 

Important Topics and Questions:

What is multi-threading? pros and cons

3-layer architecture for developing a web application

What is java servlet--syantax and life cycle?

Servlet life cycle is most important

 What is session tracking and ways of session tracking (7 ways)

Java server pages(JSP)

java servlet Vs JSP important

JSP Action elements // lazmi ay ga

JSP Custom tags //Lazmi

what is mvc ..MVC archetecture in java

Layer and tier// difference

layers are logical partitioning where as tier mean physical partitioning of components

Expression language// lazmi ay ga

JSTL k tags yad ker lain

what is JSF and client validation

CS 506

mostly mcqs from past moaaz ur waqar

Diagram bni hwi the or kha k gia ta k is k attributes likhain least to most, 

HTTP parts, 

what is web development, Cookies wala tha, What is tag and its type, aik long coding wala question tha, 

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Mostly mcqs from waqar and moaz files, 

Subjective me code aya tha dono long questions me,

Aur shorty me frame work ki types,

Aur aik diagram thi us me hum ne btana tha request respond ka,

Cs506 paper today

Html And Jsp Comment

2 lOng main program aye Ik threads ka Program aur ik Web ka...

ik ka output btana tha ik A code likhna tha.

Tags ki Types.

Http sessions btayn

Long and short dono main missing code likhna tha 

And aik long main layers k column bnany thy mean matching krni thi.

Today 11:00 Cs506

Most mcqs questions from past with some changing

Short questions thread max between 1 to 10

Page-centric diagram mein Jo name tha

XML Ka tag missing tha unko complete krna thalong mein controller.jsp Ka Kiya code Likha that's .http request Ka part name Likha tha at least five

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