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ENG101 Current Final Term Papers 2022

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ENG101 paper

1) name three goals for writing paragraph?

2)do lines thi unka passive likhna tha.

3)do lines thi us ma true false batana tha.

4) pharagaph tha 5 marks Ka 100...130 words ma jis ma batana tha how our friends characteristies ourself..

5) aik 5 marks Ka jis ma batana tha correct konsa konsa IC. 4 lines thi. 5 marks Ka tha. 

80% granmer hi thi.


1.Three common uses of language functions

2. Column match krny thy 5 Marks

3.cause effect underline 5 thy

4.paragraph on your experience which you take interest and like in life

5.punchuation k do mcq, he want to join navy but his parents wala, ek or tha joining word wala, carry on with wala tha,

eng101 most important topics is me sy 80% paper a jata hai               


2. articles(an,a,the)   

3. definate article   

4.indefinite article   

5. define language    

6.define topic sentences    

7.define paragraph writing  

8.fill in the blank with the help of verb    

9. unity coehrence     


11. active and passive   

12.run on sentences     

13.sentence fragments    

14.easy writting     

ye sb bohat impotant hai lec 41 sy 45 thk 80% ata

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Eng 101 


1) two methods ke srf name likhne the essay organization ke (2 marks)

2) three sentences me  appropriate word se blank fill krne the (2 marks)

3) kia drivers ko during driving cellular phone use krna chahiye ? is topic pr paragraph likhna tha 100 to 130 words ka ( 5 marks)

4) five sentences ke teen teen clue worss diye hue the e.g I/magazine/ read isko positive me present perfect progressive me complete sentences banane the ( 5 marks)

5) five sentences me se identify krna tha comma splice aur complete sentence ko (3 marks)

6) comma lagane the 3 sentence me ( 3 marks)

Three fill in the blanks with pair of word .one select karna tha....

1 peragph tha jis ka topic likhna tha just 5 marks

1 peragph time aur uski ahmiyat

Pherse main 1 question tha us main say verb find karna tha 

Aur quma wala question tha

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Eng 101


1: Define verb 2

2 Define unity 2

3 Role of Coherence 2

4 Define Unity and coherence 3

5 True false 3

6 Fill in the blanks. "Yet" and "Already" 5

7 Write five points on actions speak loud than words. 5


Short questions

Compound sentence

Fragment sentence

True false

Eminent ka synonym

Instatenous ka synonym

Transition words ka use.

Long questions

Simple present tense kia hota


With 3 examples

Essay 100-150 words

"The earth has music for those who listen it"

Eng101 Final term 

1.Prediction ka question 

2.fragment or run of a sentence find krna tha 

3.Fragment or complete of a sentence find ka tha

4.paragh thy what would you leave the if the building was locked 

5.improving the quality of life in the goal of education

Eng 101

1)What is verb?

2) chronological order?

3) energy crisis of Pakistan?

4) underline cause in the sentence?


1Thesis statement 3 function

2Adverb find

She speaks English well (well adverb h)

Baqi 4 r ty easy ty loudly,angrily etc.

3your approach towards life paragraph

4 each of girls is or are (is

My brother or my sister is or are (is)

5 relative pronoun find (which whom,whose )

6 mcqs either,or ty .tense .

Ik past c america on top deligntly ta correct

Ik compound sentence ta

Sentence fragment ki Def and examples

Eng101 ka paper tha 

1 Aik paragraph aya tha distance education py

2 paragraph ma sy topic sentence dondhna tha.

3 unity coherence ki digitation ai thi

4 sentence bnany thy 

5 worduness aur cliche ma sy aya tha kuch.

Eng101 3:00pm

Children observe behavior of their adult(5)

General specific mcqs (5)

Functions of supporting sentences (3)

Define topic sentence 

Eng101 11:00am

Long essay on as you sow so shall you reap


Pronoun, error detection

Outline can be useful in?

Structure of essay?

ENG 101 11:00 am

For example, 

1-Fallacy ka synonym 

2-you'd ki full form Kiya thi 

Aur mostly handouts se the but easy 

Questions :-

1-Aik paragraph tha us ka topic sentence batana tha (5 marks )

2-language aur communication ke between main Kiya connection hota Hai ye kese interlinked hote hain 

3- 2 aur 3 questions to fill in the blank wale the aap ko options de de jyen ge aap ne jo most suitable hogi wo add Kar dene Hai 

4- Aur aik question tha 

Still aur Yet ki position aur function batain

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