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 ENG513 Current Final Term Papers 2022

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 Q1: what is the understanding assumption behind the synthetic syllabus?


Q2: How many types of speaking tasks are there?  Give any names only.


Q3: Recall the chapter on Task-based language teaching and describe tge orientation function category of team performance function


Q4: Enlist ant five topics/ areas which provide insights for feature direction in language teaching method

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Q5: How can BBC learning English website and TED talks help in simultaneous reading and listening 

Q6: While discussing intelligibility in an EFL context, Jenkins (2000) and wells (2005) do not completely agree on the details of the context, Jenkins(2000) and Wells (2005) do not completely agree on the details  of the Lingua Franca Core, but they both emphasize  on the importance of one feature. What is it?

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