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MGT503 Current Final Term Papers 2022

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Mgt 503 


Most were theoretical only 2 to 3 were conceptual.

1. MBO first described by?

2. Which one is not part of the strategic management process?

3. BCG describes one of them cat, car, cash cow, milk cow?

4. Responsibility definition?

5. What is Chain of command?

6. A chart was given and was asked which best describes it? Product line, Divisional structure etc.

7. Tall structure.

8. Flat structure.

9. Centralization.

10. Job rotation.

11. Mechanistic organization.

12. Which motivation comes from outside? (Extrinsic).

13. Correct hierarchy of Maslow's Need Theory.

14. Theory X.

15. Need for affiliation is in which theory? ERG, Acquired Needs Theory(answer) , Maslow? 

16. Growth need is in which theory? 

17. A person sees others' outcomes and inputs? Which theory? (answer: Equity Theory)

18. If an action is not rewarded or is punished then? (answer: less likely to be repeated).

19. Leader definition.

20. Behaviour entails showing concern for the status, well-being and needs of subordinates. Which leadership style? (answer: supportive)

21. Consulting with subordinates, encouraging their suggestions. Which leadership style? (answer: participative)

22. Followers make attribution of heroic and extraordinary leadership attributes. Which type of leadership? (answer: charimatic)

23. Friendship group. 

24. The strategy for large organizations is? simple, complex, easy?


1. XYZ is living a luxurious life and we wan to motivate him. Intrinsic motivators should be used or extrinsic motivators? Justify. (5 marks)

2. What is competitive advantage? Give two examples of it. (5 marks)

3. Difference between acquisition and mergers? (3 marks) beneficial are groups to an organization? (3 marks)

two types of Organizational structure 5

Do male and female follow different leaderships?  Tell with reasoning. 5

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1: Has low market share in low area of growth

2: degree to which job provide clear timely info about result.

3: organic organization sa related

4: are basic needs for food water shelter.

5: is desire to accomplish changing task…

6: Equity related

7: open book management

8: result from access to & control over (information power)

9: participative def

10: supportive def

11: transactional leader def ya kuch yad thy..


1: types of divisional structure 

2: benefit of goals in an organization 5 mark

3: job specialization sa related 3 mrks

4: motivation or hygienic-related conceptual 5 marks

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Mostly some MCQs from past papers.


(!) Difference b/w small-batch production and Mass production. No.3

(!!) Justify with reason organization function for an organization. No.3


(!) Males and females adopt difference leadership style?  Reason. No.5

(!!) The use of goals has several benefits in the organization. Discuss at least five benefits. No.5 

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