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PSY504 Current Final Term Papers 2022

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Question ma semantic r sensory memory difference 

2 case thy 

theory for forgetting phenomena 

how cat tiger lion cheetah at one category. 

the developmental stage of symbolic function.

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Psy 504 final

Mentl imagery ka ak conceptual question

Chess player wla tha k as a cognitive psy ap kia khty

Control processes

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Psy504 current paper

 Steven Reed NY dey thy rules of categorization. Enlist any 3

Akhtar ahsan ka ISM ka concept ka ayk question 

Ayk question tha differ BTW STM and LTM

Ayk question tha how interference effect memory

ayk bnda depressed hota hai therapy k ley jata doctor ko btata k past life disturb krti mujhy btana tha k doctor kon si memory ko examine kry ga aur justificatiin deni thi phr. 

Types of categorization. Define anyone.

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