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BIF501 Current Final Term Papers 2022

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Kuch mcqs repeat thy


RNA structure 

Protein folding 

Chao fasman algorithm

Fold recognition

Dna finger printing and important

Mass spectrometry use.

Short tendon repeats.

Beta sheets prediction.

Digital revolution.

Strategy of sequencing.

Pharmacogenetics and its application.

RNA sequencing (5).

Pharmacogenetics and applications (5).

online tool for homology modelling (2)

strategies for protein prediction (3).

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1-RNA synthesis Wala

2-Protein fold and recognizing

3-Protein threading

4-Protein folding method and steps 

5-Chou fasman algorithm improvement

6-Scaled and unscaled tree difference

Mcqs from past papers and handouts mix.

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bif501 paper today 

Mcqs 50% sir arslan file sethay

Protein fold 2 marks

needleman wunch alogarithm

trace back in needle man wunch alogarithm

pharmacogenomics and application 5 marks

digital revolution in recent time 3 marks

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bif501 Paper

More Questions

1: Why surface loops flexible and difficult to predict?

2: Steps of assembly algorithm?

3: structure-based target discovery.

4: Explain fold recognition technique.

5: structure-based drug design.

6: Rationale of Ab-initio modeling.

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