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BT302 Current Final Term Papers 2022

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bt302 Exam

Functions of cytokines 5 marks

Subregions of variable region of antibody 5marks

Types of autoimmunity 2 marks

effector functions of complement proteins 3 marks

primary and secondary antibody response 2 marks

Inflammation and its role in body 3 marks


1)Antibodies are classified into how many types and on the basis of which briefly explain?    

2)Usage of monoclonal antibodies?  

3)Classification of autoimmunity explain.?  

4)Process of aatchment of bacteria on phagocytes?  

5)Adverse effects of vaccine briefly explain?

6) Types of Dimensions of columns in HPlC chromatography? 5marks

Q. What are the characteristics of absorption band?


An absorption band occurs when light passes through a cold, dilute gas and atoms in the gas absorb at characteristic frequencies; since the re-emitted light is unlikely to be emitted in the same direction as the absorbed photon, this gives rise to dark lines (absence of light) in the spectrum.

BT302 ppr

Q1= complement protein eliminate extracellular pathogen from blood? 5 marks     

Q2= cytokines network and categories related tha 5 marks ka.             

Q3 = X linked immunodeficiency related tha                        

Q4= antibody response       

Q5 = what must cell degranulation and what do must cells release        

Q6= immune surveillance

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Bt302 Exam 

1.Application of agulation reaction 

2.Tolrense achieved by natural and artificial

3. Usge of monoclonal antibodies

4.artificially mechanism of evision 

5.cytokines in adaptive immune system 

6.clonal selection of lymphocytes

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