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In today’s business world, employers prefer performing C. Vs (videos, presentations) instead of traditional written C.Vs. Give your opinion about this modern trend.


According to the modern trend employers performing C.Vs. (Videos & Presentations) instead of traditional C.Vs. both have the same advantages and the features of both are the same but the difference is obvious. 

In Traditional Written CV employee shows his work experience, his qualifications, his working skills, also his education. This structure is effective as it allows you to clearly state what you have studied and when, give precise details of your work history and responsibilities, and highlight your additional skills and knowledge in a format that makes it easy for the employers to quickly identify that you are a good candidate. We cannot visualize how it would operate in real life as it is described in the C.Vs. 

Therefore, most employers prefer performing C. Vs (Videos & presentations) instead of traditional written C.Vs. Modern method is far better than the old traditional. A performing C. Vs attracts the reader’s attention immediately, its highlights your strengths.


“Wise men speak because they have something to say; Fools because they have to say something,” said great philosopher Plato. What do you say understand from the given statement keeping in view the knowledge you have comprehensive?


Every man has the right way to speak. We have lots of ideas in our minds that we need to speak out and share with others. But what if you have lots of thought but there is no sense. Yes! We have the right to say something but we should also think first before we speak out. Our thoughts can hurt anyone. 

We should be thankful because God gave us a mouth. It is very important so that you can share your ideas, feelings, or thoughts that are why also God gave us 2 ears to hear those words. Both of them should use in a right and good way. 

Actually, wise men and fool men have lots of thoughts. But how can you call a person wise? For me, I believe that wise men can control everything. If he knows something especially if it’s not good, he will remain quiet or silent. 

When they call you wise, meaning you are now perfect? For me, that is another meaning. Wise men commit mistakes also, they complain but it is not too much, unlike a fool that they have lots of thoughts but most of those thoughts have no meaning, they just want to speak. 

Wise men speak because they have something to say, and this something is that it can help to solve problems or it can help others and it is worth it. While the fool speaks because they have to say something and this something to say is that sometimes it has no meaning and they only want to get attention.


A person that is wise sometimes keeps her mouth shut because he believes that there are words or thoughts that are not meant to be spoken. So for me, we should better not to speak if we have a non-sense thought you did not look like a fool but you will look like having a small mind. So be wise always!

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