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CS302 Current Final Term Paper 2021

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Total 28 mcqs thy past papers sy 70% aye thy 

J-K flip flop k 2 questions thy

Logic gates k name likhny thy 

L-S latch ka truth table tha 

2 memory address proof Krny thy


Today's Paper 27 feb 2021

30 percent mcqs from waqarsiddu

Long Questions

Serial to parallel ka circuit complete karna tha

Boolean expression likhna tha

Write cycle ka question tha

Circuit label karna tha

Circuit explain karna tha

Today's CS302 paper at 11:30am

Mcqs 30(s0me fr0m m0az past papers)

5 sh0rt questi0ns

what wiII be the qu0tient and remainder if we divide the binary digit 1101 by 101

1 sh0rt questi0n fr0m traffic signaI c0ntr0I system

draw the I0gic diagram 0f S-R gated Iatch

find the frequency fr0m 10 cycIes 0f cI0ck signaIs measured in 3s

draw the diagram 0f implementi0n 0f fif0 buffer using RAM              

3 long questions 

Draw the next state truth tabIe

  2. H0w many 0perati0ns are perf0rmed 0n a mem0ry aIs0 draw 

   the diagram

 3. Draw the timing diagram 0f J-K flip fl0p also explain their p0tentiaI timing differences

Today 8:30 paper cs302.

 Apply the state reduction process. Reduce the num of state as much as positive?

Write the five element which will used in dual slop analogue to digital converter circuit?

Write ISTYPE statement used to specify active low output of regester mode? 

Two different types of volatile memory names?  

Identify these quantities are analogue or digital? 

Incomplete circuit of 3 bit down counter flip flop 3 is left unconnected. Connect the 3 flip flop to the 2nd filp flop. In which a way the functionality down counter is achieved? 

The in complete diagram of 4 bit synchronous binary counter. Complete diagram by putting appropriate gate in each red box. Just put tha gate names.?

Mera aaj 11 bje Cs302 ka paper tha.

Mcqs past se 10% aye,

Subjective me

Block diagrams me gates aor keys k out put poochey huey they, maely aor morre machine ki block aor state diagram bnani thi, memory waley topics se boht ziada aya, midterm se sirf mcqs aye


1. Diff b/w DRAM and SRAM through circuit diagram?

2. Write Two variation of J_K triggered Flip-flop and draw their logic diagrams?

3. In state diagram, when the two state will be equivalent? Aisa kuch sawal tha

4. Difference b/w Shift Register and counter by logic diagrams 

5. Type of information that is process by digital system ? Write the name of type?


1. Circuit diagram of Binary weighed output D/A converter?...i think yahi purana name tha 

2. SOP expressions likhna tha given sequential table ka k map bana kr.. 

3. Tree banany thy Tn diya hua tha Tn+1 Tn+2 Tn+3 Tn+4  maloom krna tha

 Or mcq sirf 2 moaaz mei se aye thy ....baki sb handout ki thoery mei se thy

Cs302 today paper

1.Name two type sram

2. Name two logic on memory cell

3. Gated Sr latcg

4.boolen expression

5.d flop transition table


All MCQ'S are from past papers except 7 McQs.

1. Make SOP from a give K-Map.

2. Multiply 1010 with 1000 using shift operation

3. Convert binary to decimal using Sum of Weighted Method.

4. Aik parallel to serial incomplete circuit dia tha, usme Q1, Q2, Q3 and CLK ko correctly connect krna tha.

5. What is DRAM and its types.

MY Cs302 paper Date: 8 March 2021 Timing: 9:30 AM

60%Mcqs fr0m past baki handouts say thy..


After dividing the binary number 1011 to binary number 101..what will be the remainder and quotient?

Circuit Digram of 2 bit up synchronous counter of J K flip flop??

Circuit diagram of bulglar alarm using JK flip flop?

Circuit diagram Of Serial In/ Shift Right Out Register?

Circuit Diagram of R/2R ladder of D/A Convert

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