ISL201 Current Final Term Paper 2021 - Latest VU Current Paper

ISL201 Current Final Term Paper 2021

In This Post, Providing ISL201 Current Final Term Paper 2021. Most Important and Useful ISL201 Current Paper 2021. Easy to See and Download ISL201 Paper.


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ISL201 paper_ 27-2021 @09:30 

90 minutes ka paper tha..

Total 37 questions thy jin m sy 29 McQ thy sary McQ quizz 2 or quizz 3 Waly thy 

2 long question thy 5 marks k ak m ayat ki translation Karni thi or dosra parents k Bary m hadees thi us pa comment karny thy...

6 short questions thy 3 marks k..

Ak m Hazrat 1:Muhammad (S. A. W) k conversation ka 3 treeqy likhny thy 

2:Ak question tha country k sath love or ak hadees bayan karen 

3:Hazrat Habir( name confirm nai h) ny hazrat zainab k sath Kya Kiya tha? 

4: Hazrat Eesa (A. S) ny surah Maryam m Sirf mother ki obedience ko q mention kiya tha father ko q nai kiya? 

5: ak ayat translate Karni thi

6: insaan k ilam ka Allah talah k ilam k sath comparison Karen? 

Mostly paper self writing wala tha

Isl201 today's paper

two ayaat thi( no idea kidhar sa thi)

Us Ka alwaa society Walay ma SA questions thay.....

Anger par hadith likhni thi

How a person is good towards his relatives...write Hadith

What advice prophet Muhammad give to his companions when he visits other regions for sale of preaching

Mcqs simple thay...few were from past papers otherwise new thay but easy thay.....

Like number of scared months

Geographers Ka baray ma poucha tha

Father and mother of mankind

Angel who write our deeds

Wahi Jo prophet Ka pass latay

ISL201 Feb 28, 2021 

Short Questions of 3 marks were 7 

Long Questions of 5 marks were 2 

Which means 

28 marks of MCQs 

21 marks of short questions

10 marks  of long questions

Out of 28 

MCQs 25 Mcqs were from Past files 

And 17+  From Quiz 2 and Quiz 3 Files 

 Short Questions:

1) According to Quran Who is most afraid to ALLAH? 

2) What was Qaroon's thinking about his Wealth? 

3) Which fear you should keep in mind regarding Parent's respect? 

4) What Is the base of unity by just write the names of three aspects.?

5) What we should do individually to Establish Islamic unity? 



Mcqs all from past except 5 MCQs of Bukhari chapters name


Define term information

How to seek forgiveness

Define hades about parents 

Two knowledge for ruling Quran

Ayat ka tajuma bht bht bht asan aya tha

Today my isl201 PAPER

Quiz all from past paper 

Q1 basic Islamic concept on the conversation

Q2 imam hazli about on the conversation 

Q3 hadit on parents 

Q4 4 social concept in surah asr

Q5 why non-Muslims not follow religion in social

Q6 which language not like by prophet saw 

Q7 Shirk pir ak ayat tie 

Q ak or ayat tie oski translation krni tie

Al-Asr four main factors =5

Brotherhood  factor= 5

Rot of eefa=3

Definition of knowledge=3

Punishment for not fulfill the requirements of the social life=3

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Current Paper and Important thoughts are recommended there will be higher chance to ask for exams in repeated questions. 

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