PAK301 Current Final Term Paper 2021 -

PAK301 Current Final Term Paper 2021

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1. Pak301 Paper Questions 


*Write six natural resources.

*Write five relations of pakistan with islamic countries.

*Land reforms

*Distance education

*Separate or joint electorate 

*Major issues from1947 to 1953........

2. Pak 301 Paper

Paat files say mcqs thy 90%

Subjective kuch conceptual thy or kuch handouts say.

Who was Khawaja nazimuddin?

About buttto era..

Education role..

Foreign policy

5 features of Muhammad Ali bogra formula...

3. Pak 301 4:30pm to 6:00pm

Quiz sab dates poxhi hoi ti 30 quiz te. Or 10 questions te


BPC 2nd report

Koh-i-Malik wish

5 points of 1956 constitution

R Aik wo quetsions ta ke Pakistan ki congress ke Kya issue ha

R Pakistan ki land fertilizer kese better ki jati r mge yad ni bas isi types ke 10 questions te

4. Pak301 ..

Mcq mostly from past pprs ..

Short qs...

Modern education system ...2

LOC ...3

2 major crops ...2

Dissolution of 1st constitutional assembly ....2

Significance of objective resolution ...3 

Solution of the issue of national language in 1973 ....3 

2nd BPC report ....5 

Civilian failure of Benazir and Nawaz Shareef fail ....3

5. ASSLAM O ALIKUM! Pak ka aj ka 2:30 wala paper

1 WHAT IS online education? 3 marks

2 Wright five features of examination system? 5 marks

3 importance of objective resolution? 3marks

4 Agricultural importance in industrialization? 3marks

5 Foreign policy Impact on economic development? 3marks

6: write note on historical amundament? 

7: In 1956 constitution what's was federalism? 

8:After partition of Pakistan problems in Islamic provisions? Three points. 3marks

6. 27-02-21 Saturday 7:30am 

1.role of education for nation (5)

2.1973 constitute features (5)

3.presidental vs parlimental (3)

4.state policy of 1956 i think ya 1962 (3)

Mcq end waly lessons m sy ay thy 10, 

Baki dates thi 

Baluchistan kb provinve bna 

Afghanistan border line date 

7. Pak301 

Important chapters for long

Chap no 16= pg no 35 Explanation and importance

Chap no 19 and 20 full for long

Chap no 20= pg no 46 The 1973 constitution(1.Back ground

2.Constitution Making


1: parliamentary system)

President , parliament with two houses

Chap no 24= pg no 55 Important features of the population

Chap no 25= pg no 57 Mineral Resources

Pg no 59 problems in agriculture

Chap 26 and 27 full for long

Mcqs chap

Chap no 22 and 23 are very important for mcqs

And short ap aik dafa sab read Kar Lena koi b short poxha ja skta ha 3 nbr ka

7. PAK301 Paper

1.distance education unit scheme

3.why first bpc rejected

4.what type guidelines from objective resolution

5.political systm 1947-1958

6.MUssharaf restore to democracy

7.what type climate in their pakistan

8.national language in constitution 1973.

9.3 lines about abrogated of 1956 constitution.

10.significance of Landforms.

8. My PAK301 Paper

Q1:Importance of objective resulution? (mark5)

Q2: division of power? (marks3)

Q3:sepearte or joint electorate ?(marks3)

Q4:national language issue?(marks2)

Q5: major policies1972-1977?

Q6: diversity in the nurture of territorry? (mark5)

Q7: importance of forest ?(marks2)

Q8: distance education? (marks2)

Q9: relation between Pakistan and Central Asian state? (Marks3)

9. Paper pak301 questions

1. How many climates in Pakistan? 

2. Educational online?

3. Ayubs era 3 points on the educational system

5. first constituent 5 major issues

6. Representation 2 issues

7. Pakistan crop areas

My Today's Pak study301 paper

Timing 2:30

Mcq's All from Mid-term grand quiz..(guyz dates achy say yad krna mostly Mcq's wohi thy)..

Short Questions:

1) What was the Aim of Foreign Policy?          (2 marks)

2) Write at least two points on the issue of separate or joint electorate as a constitutional problem of Pakistan after partition?            (2 marks)

3) Write two important features of the Advisory council for Islamic ideology under the 1962 constitution?     (2 marks)

4) Explain in 2 points Advantages of Fisheries?  (2 marks)

5) What type of political system had during 1956-1958? (3 marks)

 6) What was the major issues of the separate or joint electorate after the creation of Pakistan? (3 marks)

7) Write any three Islamic provisions under the 1973 constitution.

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