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Is language a social agreement or a divine-formed phenomenon?

State you're logical arguments.

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Language is a divine formed phenomenon. In simply don’t know how language originated. The ability to produce sound and simple vocal pattering (a hum versus a grunt, for example) appear to be in an ancient part of the brain that we share with all vertebrates (fish, frogs, birds) but that isn’t a human language.

In most religions, it is believed that language is a God-given gift to the human species. In Christianity, God gave Adam the kingdom of all animals in the Garden of Eden and the first thing Adam did was to name these animals. That is how language started according to religious sources. 

Today people speak many different languages rather than only one language because ancient humans become too proud and they tried to build the tower of Babel in order to reach God. So, God punished them by separating their languages. 

People tried to discover the original divine language which was spoken by our most ancient ancestors. They assumed that if a child was brought up without hearing any language. The first word the child would utter would be in this divine language.

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