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PAK301 GDB Solution Fall 2021

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Opening Date: 3 Feb 2022

Closing Date: 4 Feb 2022


Do you think that the pandemic COVID 19 pushed world again towards anti-globalization?

GDB Idea Solution:

During the COVID situation, people started helping each other more. Online media is given more importance than it anytime had. 

So, Covid has not pushed us against Globalization rather it has achieved the requirement for globalization.

The requirement for vaccination has achieved the need of various countries. Covid and lockdown showed people the sum they need each other dependence of countries has extended in COVID19. 

Right when the relationship between countries was limited the meaning of those affiliations was highlighted. Thusly, saying that COVID19 has pushed against globalization, it's totally misguided, rather it has animated more the aphorism of globalization.

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