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ECO401 Current Final Term Papers 2022

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Eco401 9:30 Exam

1-Balance of Payment and its determination and surplus and deficit.

2- AR curve under Perfect Competition

3- Balance Of payment Components


1, price making firm 3mrks

2, saving, and import def 3mrks

3, find notional income on table 

4, find GDP

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ECO401 paper Current 

3 marks each:

Draw the curve for an average revenue of perfect competition.

What is money illusion?

Describe about invisible hand.

5 marks each:

Find the MR from given values.

Find the AC from given values.

Differentiate between aggregate demand and supply.

What is the cost of unemployment?


Potential growth ka aik question tha 

Balance waly mn sy tha aik 

Classical economics 

Monopolistic and perfect competition mn difference 

3 tables waly ques6thy 5 mrks k aik mn TR find krna thaa aik marginal wala aik yad nhi

(BOP GDP unemployment ) en topics  sy MCQs thy



Question 1

brifly explain the quantity theory of money also with its equation?

Question 2

Price taking, price making

Question 3

Real data.nominal data

Question 4

Stage of production, money value 10.50 is mein value added at each stage ye  find krna question5

TR=250Q-3Qki power 2


Question 5

Oligopoly market structure,

Other market structure

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Eco401 8:00 AM

1:Define consumption and its formula

2:What is Equilibrium its diagram

3:what is nominal gross profit

4:What is a Gross national product

5:find 1st Degree-2nd Degree-3rd Degree

6:Find per capita income

7:Find Revenue Expenses


Money Illusion 

MC and MR to relate at max level of output

Market structures

Flow and stock measurements 

Multiple choices are not much difficult


Today paper 



2 numerical

3 marks ka theorem debtors account ki detail bnana thi purchases aur sales ki aur bad debits information thi

3 marks ka question tha konsi statement "cash inflow" ki hai konsi "cash outflow " ki hai aur konsi "not cash related" hai

5 marks again theorem debtors account sales given thi kuch return thi

5 marks again theorem factory mai product inventory bnani thi open inventory nai thi closing inventory di gai thi

Easy paper tha more than 70% subjective theorem easy thy

Sirf theorem k concept clear kar lay


1,say's law view abot great depression(3)

2,Write Three characteristics of perfect compettion (5)

3, microeconomical equillibrium about leakages and injection (5)

Eco 401 paper at 6:00 pm

Calculate total revnue numairical

Calculate profit

What is Gdp write 3 inflaws in Gdp

Write 3 macroeconomics factor...

Objective from handsout read deeply....


1..2 conditions of price discrimination

2...calculate the value of marginal propensity tonconsume

Describe As aggregate supply

4..consumer price index k aik q thaa 3 marks

Eco401: 9:30, Paper 

Mcqs mostly conceptual thy 

diff btw actual gdp and potential gdp.

identify withdrwls and injections 

mean, median find krna tha table bna hua tha 

second degree discriminaton define + one example

Eco 401 paper


1)Define Aggregate supply.

2)Define labor, land and raw material.

3) Find multiplier.

4) Three characteristics of monopolistic competition.

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