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BIO203 Current Midterm Paper 2022

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Hot start PCR

Principle steps of PCR 

Principle of WGA 

Types of Restrictions enzymes systems 

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Today my paper bio203

Objective all from grand quiz file

Q.1 Difference between in situ pcr colony pcr and asymmetric pcr.(3)

Q.2 Principle of Qrt pcr (2)

Q.3 Name 4 Dna modified enzymes and also explain it's uses (5)

Q.4 Application of pcr in medical science (3)

Q.5 what is nagitive control of a reaction?

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Difference bw linker and adaptor

Difference bw type !! And type!!s

Mechanism of wga

Mechanism of DNA ligase

Limitations of pcr

Western blotting procedure

Properties of DNA probe

Nomenclature of restrictions enzyme. Also explain mini primer pcr

Calculate restriction sites every four, six, eight.


extention rate and source of thermus aquatic, pfu,vent polymerase

application of pcr in clinical microbiology

methylation pcr( long)

multiplex pcr( long)

primer dimer 

advantages of pcr

McQ pcr or uski types say thy ppts zaror dekh lein hujyeingy.


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