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BT101 Current Midterm Paper 2022

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Students must prepare these bt101 midterm current papers in 2022. Also, it can give bt101 midterm paper essential topics, questions an overview of the paper.


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Bt-101 at 12pm 

Q-1: What are omnivores? 2

Q-2: Write effects of noise pollution. 2

Q-3: Write the evidence of natural theory of selection. 3

Q-4: Write evolution of third-atmospher? 3

Q-5: Write note on water pollution? 5

Q-6: write characteristics of r-slected species? 5

 Note: All mcqs are from dear Arsalan and Aman and Imra files. 

Best of luck.

BT 101 

Mcqs  mostly from m.lmran file

Q.what Darwin wants to HMS beagle work for 5 years.Q.2 treatment methods Q.3 evidence of natural selection theory.Q.4 difference between mimicry and camouflage Q.5 decomposition process

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Bt 101 12pm

Mcq were so easy like common things.50 percent from imran's file.

2 long questions of 5 marks .

1. Invasive species. Detail note

2.  Consumers detailed note

3.primary productivity 3 marks

4. vestigial organs detail 3 marks 

Mesosphere lower and upper height .

Bt 101                       7:00pm         

Long questions         1    note on decomposition 

                                     2    wastwater treatment 

Short ques         1 categries of water pollution

                             2 Effect of noise pollution

Bt 101 

Zone trophic  


Inheretence, lamarck wala 5

Limiting factor 

Primary ar secondry treatment 

Ar mcqs mostly sr Arslan file


Bt -101 

Define torpor 2 

Vestigial organs 2 

Activity affecting bio-megnification 3

Flow of energy principal 3 

Flow of energy in ecosystem 5 

Acid rain 5

My paper bt101 

Cabon cycle 5

Strategy of water pollution 3

R selected species 5

Note on atmosphere 3

Comparative anatomy 2

Mcqs mostly sir arslan file

My paper today bt101

Global warming 2

Productivity of trophic level2

Types of succession 3

Deletion of ozone3 

Long:acid rain 5 

Logastic population growth 5

Pesido code likha tha..

Asyp. Growth batani thi.

And described 3 asymptotic notation likhni thi

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1----Gas composed of 3 atoms of oxygen.(Ozone)

2---is preserved remains impression or trace of anyone's living thing (fossils)

3Osmoregulation is physiological adaptation to conserve (water)

4Cascade effect --- of apex Predator in environment (removal)

5Theory of uniformitarianism states that earth could be more than -- years (6000)

6---is a process of increasing concentration of toxic substances(biomagnification)

7.sound that is unwanted or disrupts quality of life (noise)

8.Organic compound contains --- compounds (Carbon)

9.541 million years ago 0² made stable--- of atmosphere (15%)

10.---rapidly changes their colours (chameleon)

11.two or more species living in same habitat reciprocally -- each other's evolution.(affect)

Today paper bt101

1.Define parasitism 2marks

2. Advance treatment of wastewater 2marks

3.Types of omnivores 3marks

4. Discribe biogeography 3mark

5. Invasive species 5mark

6. Difference between r_selected and k_ selected species

Mcqs from handouts and half past files 

Good luck👍

Bt101 paper today at 2:30pm

Activities involve in bio magnification... 2

Types of parasites... 5

Analogy and homology... 5

Groundwater percolation and transpiration... 3


Bt101My paper

Time: 4:00pm



3)Invasive species..3

4)Effect of population growth...3

5)wastewater treatment ...5

6)Difference between Evolution & plentology....5

MCQ's were mostly from file.....

Good Luck👍🏻

Today my bt101 paper 8.30 am 

All McQ from past papers easy thy 

1: Composition of first atmosphere

2: comparative anatomy

3: how many feeding types in food chain

4:  define evolution and niche

Long question️ 5marks

5:describe evolution and paleontology


1.process of condensation

2.formula or exponential growth

3.define transpiration, precolation, groundwater.

4.consumer resources in ecosystem

5.differ btw homology nd analogy

Mcqs almost lectures m sy hi ty sary


Time 4:00 pm

Mcqs from ppts 

Q1 ;  example of decomposers (2 marks ) 

Q2 :  define overxplotation (3 marks ) 

Q3 :  how energy is flow in trophic level (5marks)

Q4 : ozone depleting substances (5marks)

Q5 : Differentiate b/w autolysis and putrefication (3marks)

BT101 paper

1.Who proposed Darwin theory and when

2.Define habitat and write components of habitat

3.Water pollution

4.Invasive species

5.exponential growth

6.grazing and browser

Almost 15 mcqs sir arslan ki file sy thy 


 1.Organism need -_------ to survive 

Ans : energy

bt 101 at 4:pm

McQ from Imran files and some from handouts

Parasitism define

Sources of nitrogen


Effects of global warming (5)

Realized niche define

Ozone depletion factors

My paper Bt101 

Define Trophic level

Autolysis and putrefaction

Exponential growth long 

Analogy and homology long 

Global warming .3 marks Ka

Wastewater source .3 marks

BT101 time 2:30pm

Homology and analogy 5 marks

Aposematism 5 marks

Water cycle stages 3marks

Fossils 2 marks 

Feeding strategies 2 marks

Mcqs k6 file se or k6 conceptual

bt 101

Time 4 pm

Define gross primary production(2)

Define Stratospheric ozone

Write Factors effecting the reproduction rate(3) 

Explain biogeography(3)

Methods of wastewater treatment(5)

Types of paracites.(5)

BT 101 

Time 4:00  PM

Define transpiration, percolation, groundwater

Benefits of atmosphere

Explain Acid rain

Feeding in food chain

bt101 papr 

4:00 the activty occur in bio_magnification ?2 marks

2.write the formula of expotentional populatuon growth ?2marks

3.How pollution could be classified ?3marks 

4. what are types of biologicla clocks?3 of r_selected spiceies?5marks 

6.evolution of paleontology ?5 marks 

msqs from past file or handout




Ecological Niche


Grazer and browser

Carbon cycle

Mcqs mostly from file

bt 101 at 7 pm

Define population 2marks.comparative anatomy 2 marks

Transportation, percolations and ground water 3 marks

Factors that affect reproducticlve rate 3 marks

Types of parasites 5 marks

Primary and secondary treatment 5 marks

Subjective Sara sir arslan ki new update file se tha

Mcqs kuch sir arslan ki file or kuch conceptual but easy


Trophic level 2

Water pollution5ak 5 marks Ka yad ni AAA ra easy sa that koi

Types of parasites3 

Nitrogen-producing ways.2

Primary and secondary treatment 3 



posmatism signal 2 marks, define fossils 2 marks, water pollution detail 5 marks,  write a note on grazes and types detail 5 marks,  biological clocks 3 marks, aik 3 marks ka bhol gya.                 

Mcqs kuch past sa thy or kuch new lakin bht easy thy e.g layers of atmosphere (5),fossils ki defination thi, hard layer under the soil and mud called............ . Etc


Conventional current 2

Relationship between evolution and paleontology 5

Types of grazer2

Difference between grazing and browsing5

Vestigial organs relationship with evolution3

Tropospheric ozone layer 3




1. what is ecosystem 

2. two effects of habitat fragmentation 

3. Characteristics of habitat 

4.types of pollution 

5. Difference between grazers and browzer

6. Relationships between evolution and paleontology



Population growth rate

Source of inorganic plants and algal nutrients

Primary and secondary treatment of waste

Today paper



2.Habitat distruction 2

3.Food chain 3

4.Microorganism nitrogen fixation 3

5 Explain r-species 5

6.Explain characteristics of inheritance of specie's 5


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