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BT503 Current Midterm Paper 2022

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Bt-503 today 

Q:1-What are thermophils? Where the found? 2

Q:2- What is biomimetics? 2

Q:3- Write example of zooplankton and discuss zooplankton as bio-indicators. 3

Q:4- write purposes of biodics? 3

Q:5-How cop plants improved? 5

Q:6-Write note on maturation ponds. 5

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My Today paper 

MCQs FROM PPTS (Bht hi asan agr aik dfa ppts achay say pr lay ) 


What is bioindicators?2

Q NO 2

Advantages of biotrickling fikter  over biofilter?2

Q NO 3

Three phases of submerged aeration biofilter?3

Q NO 4

How to make plants more stable and tolerate against TMV.3

Q NO 5

what qualities are important and considerable of pollutants. For bio-processing.5


Brief note on maturation ponds?5

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Maturation pond

cDNA library

Difference between persistence &mobility



All mcqs from handouts😒

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(1) What is T-DNA 2

(2) Three pahses of submerged aeration biofilter 2

(3) What is the role of Phytoplankton 3

(4) Difference b/w Adsorption and incineration3

(5) How improve the  crop quality 5

(6) What is the natural process to  remove pathogenic organism5


20 mcqs

6 questions

1. What are the difference between adsorption and incineration? 2 marks

2. What are cynophyta? 2 marks

3. How crop quality we improved? 3 marks

4. What are the main ways to reduce SO2 emissions? 3 marks

5. What are the characteristic condtions in which extremophiles live? 5 marks

6. Describe natural processes which are used to remove pathogenic organisms? 5 marks

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#2 advantages of the conventional biological sludge... 

#what are three phases present in aerated biofilter

#what are acidophiles and their adaptation.

# distinguished conjugation, Transduction

Transformation... 5M


Note on maturation ponds?

Purpose of biodisc

Role of phytoplanktons in transferring of pollutant

Advantage of biotrickling filter over biofilter


Persistence and mobility

So2 emissions


Natural process for removal of pathogens

Conjunction and transduction

My today paper of bt503

What is advantage of anareabic zone.

What is cynaophyta

What is T-DNA

Write on maturation pond 

What is the importance of microorganisms in environmental biotechnology?

What are three stages in activated sludge system. Aur mcqs kch sir arslan ki filr se thy aur half handout se thy


Note on maturation ponds? 

Note on cDNA library?

Persistence and mobility?

Pest resistance to crop?

two advantages of conventional activated sludge system?

Three phases of submerged aerated biofilters?




way of So2 emissions...3 marks 

Importance of anerobic zones 2 marks 

cDNA libraries ...long 5 marks 

Natural processes for the removal of pathogenic organisms....long 5 marks


How we can improve crop quality?5

Describe maturation in ponds. 5

Difference between mobility and persistence? 2

Difference between absorption and? .....3

Bt 503 


the Inhole tank, settling occurs in the upper compartment

settling compartment

this bacterium would later make …


#1 brief note on maturation pond

#2 what are three phase in filtration tank

#3 difference between plasmas, transduction, transformation, and conjugation 

#4 advantage of biofilters

#5 How the plant can be immunized by TMV.  

Mcqs were conceptual and from Imran and Arsalan files.


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