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CS101 Current Midterm Papers 2022

Are you looking for CS101 Current Midterm Paper 2022? If yes, then you visit the right site. Here are CS101 Current Papers 2022. CS101 Midterm Past Papers 2022.


Students must prepare these cs101 midterm current papers in 2022. Also, it can give cs101 midterm preparation 2022 essential topics, questions an overview of the paper. 

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Midterm paper cs (101)

5 marks question

Algorithm making a cup of tea module 85

3 marks questions

1 Artificial intelligence

2 psl cricket match

3 tit

Search on search engine and give your results

5marks question

Sounds amplitude

3marks question

Binary addition and compliment sa related th

CS101 Current Paper 

1_Find factorial of n.

2_There were Table for matching Columns like C++ is?

Internet, Algorithm etc.

3_Columns matching of WAN, LAN, MAN and PAN etc.

4_which sign is used for Card query, its answer was *.

5_How many methods are there to analyze a Software. 

6_Netflix is? Streaming, something like that was answer.

7_where in CPU first Bit pattern goes?

8_Machine can't do this work answer was, Storing.

9_pseudocode k related thy.

10_Which layer is used in Transport of Email.


18 MCQs

19. three steps of machine cycle (3)

20. Identify peripheral devices from given devices (3)

21. XML code (5)

22. Operation Optical devices (5)

23. Five devices that use are embedded operatory systems (5)

Cs101 today paper 

Mcqs mostly from handouts 

  Q /A

Name popular web browsers?

Name some things use embedded operating system 

Long question

Explain Flow of packet from source to destination .

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Definition of hardware? 

Stocks Dell? 

AND Or XOR operation ki calculation karni thi mathematic dii hoi thi

Orr ik question ya tha ka MB , TB orr GB bhi batayny thy

Midterm 2022(Cs101)

01. Three functions of kernal

02. Convert the following having base 10 into excess 8 notation  






03. Match the columns


Use of c++ 

The stack 

Operation performs in Alu

Calculation of data


Programing language

Spread sheet

Data manipulation

 abstract Data

Long Questions

01. Write down steps involved in insertion sort algorithm


02. Loop control related example



SD card stands for

GUI Stand for 

How hackers currupt your computer 


Capacity of saving data in flash drive and some other instrument?

XML code?

Convert bit into decimal fraction.

Cs101 today paper 

(Flow control and congestion control 5 mark)

(Convert hxza into decimal  



F509      5 marks)

(Software verification 3 marks)

(Mantissa wala question 5 marks)

(Serial and parallel communication devices which one is better explain with one reason 3marks)

My today cs101 

Short question 

Which protocol is used to store data on local and server. (aisa tha kuch) 

2Write two types of special purpose registers. 

Long questions

01. Match the columns

Column A

Use of c++ 

The stack 

Operation performs in Alu

Calculation of data


Programing language

Spread sheet

Data manipulation

 abstract Data

Long Questions

02. Write down steps involved in insertion sort algorithm

{17,11,6,8, 33}

3- You have 2 Ethernet bus network and one WiFi network You have to send message through WiFi network to Ethernet network. Write steps.*


URL ki abbreviation or examples aye thi

Floating point ky error trancation ko solve krny ky konsy 2 method hn

Or mentisa exponent wala question aya tha

Binary ko hexadecimal mn change krna kr k 

Binary to hexadecimal and Mentissa wala jo questions assignment 1 mn aye thy wsy hi long thy

Today cs101 paper 

basic functions of kernel 3 marks

Write query and out put of sibi weather and 1000 divided by 30 5 marks

Abbreviation of URL and its 3 examples 5 marks

Working of program and progress in algorithm 3 marks

1: search engine 

2: search operators

3: Bits

4: Boolean operation

5: logic operators

6: operating system

7: Internet


9: software verification

10: binary notation

11: floating points

12: hexadecimal

13: 2's complement

14: Algorithm

imp points by cs101


MCQs Some Conceptual and Handouts

Subjective me real memory cell k two examples likhni the 2 marks ka tha or 3 marks k tha k agr ap ak question likhta ho tu kase pta chale ga k ye msg authentic ha ya ni or 5 marks k insertion alogrithm k question tha or 5 marks k client or server module me difference tha or 5 marks k sibi weather Wala tha

Today paper cs101 

What is controller? Importance+purpos

DNS system .purpose

Embedded systems five examples

Pseudocode for making tea for robot designed by yourself

Mcqs some from past paper and handouts very easy

Paper was cool & awesome

CS101 Computer

Q) Insertion sort method 

17, 33,11,6,8 

5 marks 

Solve it step by step

Q) Sidra wants to go to shopping mall.

1) If she searches on Google where is the closest mall in Lahore?

What will be the Google search shown?

2) Where is the Packages Mall?

What will be the Google search shown?

5 Marks

Q)Ek Diagram aye thi Topology ki

Jis mey batana tha k Diagram A Kon si topology hai aur Diagram B Kon SI Topology hai

Yeh short question tha.

CS101 paper 

1-CDs abbreviation and purpose

2- drives for video, audio, tax and photo.

3-binary notation,

4- controller is a small computer Justify.

5-mcq mostly from file and hands out.


Past pprs mai sy Ni tha

Match the column thy 6marks

Q1 ram is volatile and what is the other processor used at the place of ram 3 marks

Q2 binary mai chnge kry digits like BC20 marks 5

Baqk sb mcqs which are not from past papers mostly are new

CS 101

20 mcqs thy 3 question 

Q: decimal Nikalni thi

Q: catageries likhni thi httml

Q: column a main pay roll Diya tha column b fill krna tha is main mujhy hai thoriii confusion

CS 101


1. We have different operating systems.Write three types of operating system?

2.Binary Addition.

3.Types Full Form of URL.

Also write three examples of URL.

4.Convert bit pattern to Hexadecimal.


Write the name at least two shells?

Optical devices k name likhny thy? For movie storage 

Protocol k related question thaa

Baqi conceptual tha**


18 mcqs from Handouts easy thy sary taqrerbn

2 questions 3 numb k

1.network topology tha koi

Pta nhi konsa tha yh

2. Flashdrive, ssd, sdhx in ki memory lkhni thi mtlb storage capacity

3 questions 5 numb k

Url abbreviation, with 3 example

Embedded OS ki devices 5 lkhni thi

Machine instruction

Bsss kafi easy tha paper obj zyada easy tha


18 mcqs tha easy tha 

3 long question 5 marks 

2 short question 3 marks ka 


1) communication between user and computer kuch sawal tha

2) mail kerne the friend ko or mail address data batatana tha ya question samjh nhi aya kia tha


1) sort algorithm 

Value {33,17,11,6,8}

2)columns A or B given tha un ko dakh ker batana tha C column ma utility software and applications software konsa ha

3) ek company na 8000 sounds store kerne tha to koi software batana tha or us ko kio use kara 3 points batane tha 

My cs 101 paper tomorrow 

Q#1. Mcqs mostly conceptual and handouts


 Machine cycle Ki instructions?  3 

Q#3 . 0110101........ Ka pattern tha or last m 2 Box that in m decimal likhni thi. 

Q#3 . Coloum A or coloum B diya howa tha or coulum  c wala  boxx khali thi is ko fill karna tha 1 to 5 point thay jo fil karnay thay mean A or B culom K qarreb jo answer Wo c m likhna tha. (5) 

Q# 4. Ali  writs a novel who'se tittle is Mr.  Ali  written in 2020year.  Write the XML code.  For this novel.(3 )


Total question are 23 

19 MCq 

 Baqi 4 short long questions.  

Must read and see handouts.

My today paper cs101  

NDS service or you talk to about for internet. 

NDS stand for.    

CDNs stand for or oss ka proposes.  

3 B629 haxadacimal ko binary dacimal mn likna tha.  

Baqi mcqs thay jo zada handouts sy thy

Today cs101 paper

What is HTML?

What is operating system and its components? Only name

What is itel - 1

What is IOP its abbreviation

Itel- 1 wala long ma question aya tha

Today my cs101 paper

Dcns stands for and explain its purpose

Explain Large scale streaming 

Name Application of streaming isi type Ka tha question

Storage capacity and storage device if schx

Flash driver, solid state ..

Convert binary to decimal and decimal to binary


18 mcqs from handouts

Q19: URL k 2 imp segments btany thy(3)

Q20: URL ki full form or 3 example (5)

Q21: Column A me mouse,games,or database management system thy,column B me hardware,graphics, or database thy column c me correct likhne thy.(3)

Q22: ye b column wala tha column A me bank, desktop display etc thy column b me software given thy(utility software or application program software type kuch tha) column C me btana tha konsa software use hota.(5)

Q23: sibi weather

1000 divided by 30

Inki output btani thi kya hogi search engine me agr ye query dy to(5)

Paper C's 101   


URL kh ak link dea huvh tha us kk A,B,C,D parts banyia huvyiii Thay ,,,, un kkk nme likhnyyy tha ,,,,,

Ak table tha us kkk binary fraction yaniii decimal point liknh tha ,,,,,,,,

Ak window lunix kkkk baryyy ma hhh ,,,, 

1/1/8 yy value thiii us khhh steps of conversations likhnh thyyyy ,,,,. 

Two protocols k nme likny thyy juooo bus or tranmeter m use huty thyyy,,,,,

today, mine Paper of cs101

1: Cdn stands for what and what's its purpose?

2: Cf5890;most and least significant bit ka btna that..

3: column wla tha 1 q 

Subject main ak question 

infix ko postfix main convert karna tha?ak simple binary tree bana tha?ak program aya tha ? Ak postfix wala question tha jisy solve karna tha.

Ppr CS101

Total 22 Questions.

MCQS 16 thy

Question 6 thy.

1.Excel me pass and fail ka formula 

2. Ms word me files save kerny ka format bta na tha ye bhi kerdiya. 

3. Code likhna tha 

4.Bellitate act 


18 MCQ'S from Handout.

Three information that OS use#3

Parts of a web i.e. protocol, domain. #5

Search difference b/w where is near mall of Lahore and "Mall of Lahore" #3

Column 5# 

Seek time, Access time and Rotation delay. #3

CS 101 Paper 

18 Mcqs from Handouts. 2 to 3 are from past papers.

5 Questions

1- The Ballpoint which is a stationary thing is of 20 rupees. Write the output in code in XML 

2- A Novel written by M.Ali "first novel of Ali" write output in Code XML.

3- these are search by Google. Write their output

 PSL cricket @twitter


* for tat

4- You have 2 Ethernet bus network and one WiFi network You have to send message through WiFi network to Ethernet network. Write steps.

5- Change decimal value 25 into Binary notation.

Cs 101 Paper 

18 mcqs from handout...

Q1.2's complement, conversation between positive and negative representation

Q2.7+(-5) 2's complement k method sy solve krna tha

Q3. machine cycle k 3 steps likhny thy

Q4.CDN stands for and its purpose?



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