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CS403 Current Midterm Papers 2022

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CS403 Current Paper

Difference between Primary key and alternative key 2 points?

If organization is using file server how you can agree a higher management to use a DBMS brief with 5 points.

3-Cartesian product ka long tha ek 

4-Scenario diya tha student ka. Student id name date of birth address age

In ki ERD Diagram bnani thi 

Student id name ko composite 

Hobby ko multivalued m

Or Date of birth ko derived m show krna tha

1-Standardization ka benefit btana tha future m apny point of view sy

2- ERD diagram bni ghi usy normalize krna tha

Phr ek question tha jis m customer or product ki detail di thi tables m un ki output nikalni thi Cartesian product sy

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Cs403 midterm current Paper


6 MCQs from past papers and others from handouts.


1) Write entities 6 entities for ERD on your University Examination system.

2) define domain of an attribute. Write it's significance. Also write one Example

3) Two inference rule are given write their names.

4) what is the difference between strong entity and weak entity.

5) Draw an ERD of patient management system on the basis of information given below:

The entities involved in patient management system are as under.

i) Patient

ii) Outdoor Patient

iii) Admitted Patient

iv) Doctor

v) Bed

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MCQs completely from handouts 

Q1 make a table

Q2 properties of relation

Q3 using the Cartesian product and theta join show out put

Q4 how data is store in os physical level (something like that)

Q5 check out the validity of some statements using given scenario

Today my cs403 paper

Short Questions

1 draw DFD diagram

2 database relation

LONG Questions

1 properties of context level diagram

2 primary keys

3 disadvantages of file processing system


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