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CS502 Current Midterm Papers 2022

Are you looking for CS502 Current Midterm Paper 2022? If yes, then you visit the right site. Here are CS502 Current Papers 2022. CS502 Midterm Past Papers 2022.


Students must prepare these cs502 midterm current papers in 2022. Also, it can give cs502 midterm preparation 2022 essential topics, questions an overview of the paper.


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Today my paper CS502

MCQS most from past paper moaaz and waqar file 

long is

Given data se no of burgers sold in last 20 weeks uska median find krna tha 5 marks k

Write dynamic algorithm to compute febnocci number 

Timing function T(n)=3n²+7n-12 is O(n²) calculate value of constant C and n⁰


Counting sort batana tha 1 array ka {7 1 2 3 0 7 5 8 9} something like this 


Suggest or describe 1 modification or quick sort algorithm to improve it's performance 


2-d maxima ki detailed example


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70 percent MCQ's From Moaaz and Waqar file.

01.  4 to 1 Multiplexer Function Table.

02.   A+(B+C) and (A+B)+C is ki Circuit Diagram.

        __    _

03.  AB + BC + AC is expression ka Karnaup Map Bnana tha

04.  Boolean Expression Of Comparator Circuit for A>B.

05.  AND, OR, NOR , NAND gates ki output given thi output deekh kr judge krna tha kn sh gate ki output ha

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Cs502 midterms paper 

Mcqs (handbook +past paper)

Q1 What algorithms and who can discover this word

Q2 dynamic programming k realed table tha value given thi fill karnah tha

Q3 common time recently karnah tha


B. O(logn)

C. On

D. On(square)

E. On (cube (

Q4. T(n)={ 1/1/n€(n-1)-)n-1)

N=2 put kar y value nikalni thi

Cs502 paper

Q: algorithm scientist name? 

Q: quick sort technique? How the limitation improved by radix sort technique?

Q: calculate the worst time case? 

Q: calculate the median? Data diya howa tha

Q: why we called 0/1knapsack algorithm?

MCQS Kuch past papers may say baki conceptual

Cs502 paper 

12 knap problem ko 0-1 problem q Kahan jata h or ye kis s belong krti

Ak Marge sort array Wala question tha

Ak Fibonacci Wala question 

Baki mcqs theory past papers me thy


18 mcqs are in handouts

2 short questions of 3 marks


* Define algorithm and write three properties 

 * Compare these no a1, a2, a3 by making tree 

*Order of growth in an algorithm 

Arrange the following that is efficient and so on.... 

O(n/n), o(n/log n), o(nlog n)

My cs502 paper.

2 questions were of knapsack (aik ques mai table draw krnaa thaa aur 2nd mai table bana hoa thaa uski values likhni thi)

Merge Sorting krni thi..

Aur Mcqs moaaz and waqar wali files sy thay aur baki aik question mai Algorithm given tha uskay baray mai question pochay gay thay.

Today cs 502 paper 

mcqs from past papers maximum.

1. Deference between computer program and Algorithm.

2. Worst time running of bucket Algorithm

3. How insertion sort Algo works.

4.two types to solve problems dynamic programming.


kch mcqs waqar ur moaaz ki file a thy,4,5 bs baki sb conceptual 

aur running times wale, short men harmonic series likhni thi, knapsack brute force running for knapsack etc likhna tha, long men heap max tree tha, running times describe krne thy, dynamic programming men jo table bnta ha us k bare men lkhna tha


Mcqs  (some from past papers )


1)Find out Asymptotic growth.

2) One computer program and definition of algorithm.

3) Recurrence relation 

4)Algorithm of Knapsack 

5) Dynamic programming

Pesido code likha tha..

Asyp. Growth batani thi.

And described 3 asymptotic notation likhni thi

Cs 502 

Mcqs mostly past papers

Subject type

5 questions

1) how do we analyze 2-d maxima. Also give example.

2) do you agree with statement "memory efficient code or algorithm are also time vise efficient"

3)the knapsack belongs to which domain. And why it is called 0-1 problem

4) suggest and describe one modification to " quick sort" that will improve its performance.

5) and last question chain matrix wale topic se tha 3 matrix given the calculation kare k table banana tha.

Cs502 ka

Assumption algorithm

Zaror krna


Asa question tha jus ka assumtic krna tha

Long bhi tha short bhi mcqs bhi

paper past se aya hy almost 25 marks ka..

Cs502 mine paper 

mcqs moaz ki file sy 7 to 8 tak thy baki handout sy conceptual thy 

Subject 2 long question chain matrix sy thy 

Aik code tha uska worst case btana tha 

Aik mein merg sort ka formula btana tha 

Kafi conceptual tha but handout achy sy read krein to easy tha

Today my paper CS502

MCQS most from past paper moaaz

 file and long   is

Given data se no of burgers sold in last 20 weeks uska median find krna tha 5 marks k

Write dynamic algorithm to compute febnocci number  5 marks 

Two criteria and cost of algorithm analysis 5 marks

Write Edit distance application at least three 3 marks


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