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CS607 Current Midterm Papers 2022

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Paper Cs607

16 mcqs from past paper, handouts and 2 were conceptual 


(1) human availability vs Experts System availability 

(2) A car has atumated system for break speed and turn it has senser which can automatically detect any kind of hurdle. The car has which kind of artificial intelligence give solid reason.


(1) proof resolution by reputation.

(2) one search tree were given write it's step find upto 3rd level DFS just write Q steps.

(3) write Genetic Algorithm steps

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Some MCQs past paper s 

13 mcqs new aae mostly searching s related but kafi easy thy


1.Artificial intelligence ki application (5)

2. Convert equation (3)

3. Conflicts resolution pe note (5)

4. Mouse searching technique (3)

5. Eight problem Queen (5)

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cs607 Paper Midterm


Identify the plateau problem from following

GA stands for

Technique used for diagnosis by the help of AI is called

Identify the peak of the statement like high peak or low peak 

AI is derived from which of the following like mathematics or physiology or computer 


Define human expert and expert systems

Applications of AI 

Define conventional programming and expert systems programming 

As a AI programmer which is programming is used in expert systems 

Concept of strong AI and weak AI

Cs607 Midterm

Difference between uncertain and fuzzy facts

Who are the people work on the development of expert systems?

Write the output without explaining BFS


      /   \

    B    C

  /      / \

D      E  F

Which search strategy you will use if there are large number of states in your solution space and you can’t visit each state and why?

Hint: you have to choose among the four strategies.

What will be the issue if use crossover without mutation in genetic algorithm?


Mostly Mcqs in past files.

1) what type of knowledge is used engineers. Marks2

2) "Riding is on horse link riding a donkey"

Give solid reason about it. Marks 3

3) Given diagram to make a data structure tree. Marks 5

4) Queen appropriate positive of given number 2,6,8,3,4,5,3,1 in chess board.


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