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CS610 Current Midterm Papers 2022

Are you looking for CS610 Current Midterm Paper 2022? If yes, then you visit the right site. Here are CS610 Current Papers 2022. CS610 Midterm Past Papers 2022.


Students must prepare these cs610 midterm current papers in 2022. Also, it can give cs610 midterm preparation 2022 essential topics, questions an overview of the paper.

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All Students must prepare this current paper because these questions are most important.

Highly recommended papers and chance to questions again repeated.

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Mostly mcqs from past paper file of moaaz. 


-2 system LAN me operate kr rhy hain to kis condition me simultaneously communicate kr skty hain..  

-ping problem ki waja btati hai ya nhi agr nhi to konsa alternative use kr skty hain... 

-ksi b system ka status maloom krny k liye kon c command use hoti hai.. 

-Ethernet me signal reflecting se bachny k liye kya use krty hain 

-5 systems thy jo btany thy k LAN me hain ya WAN me

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cs610 paper 

Mcqs from past paper and handouts 

Questions scenario Waly tha

Aur connector Wala eik question tha

Questions sary 

Easy tha lakin conceptual tha

AP handouts axhy say read kr lo ga to paper bht acha ho jaye ga

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MCQs from Waqar files


Ak qué tha you are required to set a small computer network in a room how will you develop and what scenario is used is trha Ka koch tha 

5 numbers Ka classified network and give four factors of computer classification 

2 qué 5 numbers k is trha k thy scenario DIA howa tha or nichy qué mentioned thy Osk ans lihkny thy bs


mcqs mostly from past,

Types of errors, 

2 qs k formulas thy ar bki logical pckg send krne mai dair lg ri person kase chck kre ga k kn sa delay hai, 

50 connection hain ar data forward ho rha data send krne maai dair lg ri data loss hua k ni yh kase chck kre gy

Done my cs610 exam today 

Mostly mcqs from moaz waqar and grand quiz file. subjective from waqar file.


3 marks

-given case k mutabik routing method batana tha?

-4mb file 56kpbs capacity kitnay min mein transfer hogi ... full calculations dikhani thi.. page 15 lecture 4.


- TABLE given tha 5 name given thay un ka batana tha k LAN/WAN..... page 77 lecture 21

-TABLE given tha assignment wala question tha jis mein events diye howay thay .... segments ko list 1 and 2 mein likhna tha..... page 50 lecture 13


-Mra ho gya paper aur yh e long question tha thin thick k liey kia kia use hta

-2 scenario thy btana tha LAN use ho rha WAN

-1 question tha delay ki types btani thi

-1 question mn network k fector

-mcqs past say.


Boht easy paper ہے agr ap ny handouts se achy se tyari ki ho to. 

Mcqs sary Handouts se thy. 

1. Any technology that used for both LAN & WAN

Ans. ATM

2. Write the technique which used for copying data from main memory to NIC

ANS. DMA (Direct Memory Access)

Computer network classified by 4 factors.


1. By size 

2. By connectivity 

3. By medium 

4. By mobility

2 scenario given thy.

Xyz company packet switches use kr rhy hein with 50 computer, jesy he wo start krty hein communication to thori der bd delay ana start ho jata ha wo delay identify krna tha or or effectively delay k liye formula likhna تھا

CS610 Midterm 

MCQs from past papers (Waqar and Moaaz files imp) 


Q1. Name of the routing algorithm which allows automatic updates.   (3) 

Q2. You are a Network Administrator working in a XYZ company. You have to name the probing tool used to check if the domain is active/inactive of your company.  (3) 

Q3. 1024bytes of Packet to be sent over 56kbps Network. Find the time of transmission for the packet to be delivered. (5)

Q4. A Nodes diagram was given with a table. We needed to fill the routing table of node 2. (5) 

Q5. Bridge introduction was given and two definitions in bullets were given. We are to identify and name the two states of the bridge. (5)  



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