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EDU430 Current Midterm Papers 2022

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Literature Review 


🖋In this assignment you have to make an assignment on the approved topic (Literature Review) 

🖋For literature Review read articles and books 

After reading, describe in your own wording.

🖊In each paragraph you have to give the citation 

🖊Your reference and citation should be in APA.

📙And you have to add references after 2010

📘Your assignment must be consist of 20 -25 pages 

📙At the end you have to add references in the file


1)Define information technology,2marks

2)Define binary file 3marks

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3) Differentiate between Internal hard drive and external hard drive 3marks

4) Difference between Video dics, Video player and Video memory 3 marks

5)Define E-learning 2marks


6)Merits and demerits of HTML in detail (5 marks)


7)Explain with examples the subjects are integrated with ICT as Compared to other subjects? 5 marks

8) Define computer-based training? 2 marks

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10 mcqs

Define Hard disk drive

Difference between modem and connectors

Disruptive technology and disruptive innovation

Types of internet connection

Define term interface


Advantages of ICT in Education

Use of ICT effect future employment


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