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EDU433 Current Midterm Papers 2022

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Students must prepare these edu433 midterm current papers in 2022. Also, it can give edu433 midterm preparation 2022 essential topics, questions an overview of the paper.


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1.Define profession

2.Reasons for changing old teaching methods

3.Is accountability an ethical concept. why? can the status of teacher improved?

5.define normative ethics.

6. How models and modeling can contribute for effective professional development? 5 marks 

7. How can the teaching profession made attractive? 5 marks


Objectives, subjective 

Form handouts 

CHAT theory.

Inter-professional coordination.

Work placed learning

Legal accountability

 Difference between Inter- professional collaboration  

Altruism and self-interest affect on development of professionalism

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Paper: edu433

Justify those ethical constraints are essential for teaching profession. 5 marks 

Justify that education system of Pakistan is based on concept of 21st century of professionalism.5marks 

Short Questions: 

Who is teacher?

Duties of a teacher 

Accountability types 

MCQs almost history based ..mtlb k dates valy thy 

EDU 433 

Public good as main criteria 

Key features of professional ethics 

Professionalism as attitude 

Research based teaching as linkage in theory and practice 

Professional code of conduct

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Traditional professionalism

Managerial professionalism 

Occupational professionalism

Traits of professionals 

Methods of enquiry on teacher research


Q: Who is professional?

Q. Describe the concept of professionalism?

Q: what is the role of ethics and conduct?

Q. What is the link b/w professionalism & technology?

Q. What is the qualities of a successful teacher?

EDU 433

Q1_ who is professional

Q2_ two values of professionalism

Q3_ what is poiesis

Q4_ responsibilities of charted and advance charted teachers

Q5_ two major problems in teaching profession

Q6_ expectations from charted teachers


Explain conception of professionalism? 

How morality contributes toward the characteristics of profession? 

Inter-professional network? 

How teachers identify areas in school to extend knowledge...? 

Ek question Australian profession se related that

Edu 433

1Team work learning

2Critiques mode of managerial accountability

3inter professional network

4 define inter professional 

5 qualities of teacher


-Practitioner research

-Code of ethics

-Two important Professional ethics


-Example of Organizational Professionalism

-Professional Standards

Agency of professionalism 

Judgment criteria for professionalism 

Posies and praxis

Types of motivation for accountability

What is meant by moral teacher (long question)


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