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ENG301 Current Midterm Papers 2022

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Students must prepare these eng301 midterm current papers in 2022. Also, it can give eng301 midterm preparation 2022 essential topics, questions an overview of the paper.


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Eng301 today's

1 Environmental theory

2 emotional barrier

3 inductive approach

3 true false (inquiry request, definition of vocal qualifier i think so aisa h tha kuch)

Eng 301 today paper

Order letter. Electrical theory. Formal or informal wala question tha statement. control in good communication. Kuch McQ past files ma sa thy

Today my English 301 paper 📜📜📜 

1. Mcq easy thay handout say e thay. 

2. Enlist two type Bussiniss letter?

3.  What is individual culture variable? 

4. True false ( 5 marks). 

5.   True false ( 3 marks). 

6. True false (2 marks).mean space Wali. 

Allhumdullillah Acha ho gya paper

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What is a customer's first order?

What is letterhead? 

Separate. (6 Modes are given in question)

Name five types of buffer. 5 marks

True false 5 marks

Mid Term EnG301

12 January 2022


Total 26 Questions

I think

15 Quiz

2 long and shorts


1 long m Fill in the blanks ti

2nd long m Electronic Communication wLa long ta


•Define of Word communication ki

•True False te 3 Nbr ke short m

• Define Buffer while communicating.

• What is good conversation communication

• Individual cultural ka ta question jis m America and Italy wali examples b ati ke "Hug" krte or "Hand Shake" krte han 

Bas isi type ke questions te


1 quiz m ta ke 

What is "Tonal" language

i) English

ii) French

iii) Arabic

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eng301 paper,

👉. downward flow communication,,,,, define, example

👉. culture kii five conservation likhniii thiii ,,,,,

👉general purposes of letter,,,

👉 ak paragraph tha ayia huvh us kh title likhnh tha ,,,,,,

👉 2 fill in blank thiiii ,,,,,

👉 phir filll in the blank thii,,,,,,

or baqii mcqs thyyy handouts thyyy ,,,,

Mara paper eng 301

Attitude Ko explain  karna tha

Inquiry letter ki details 

True or false   or fill the blank easy tha

Eng 301 

3 number ka order letter wala question tha

Fill in the blank 5 number ki aik jaga or 5 number ki aik or tki

3 number ki fill in the blank

3 purpose of business communication

2 number ka correct the comma sentence thy

Sra paper handouts ma sy Tha past paper ma sy nhi tha

Eng 301

Food as individual culture

Purpose of business letter

3 informal words thy formal my convert krna tha

Sender encoder waly my sy fil in the blank Thii


Mcqs khuch files main thy ...

Or true false thy .. 

Verbal communication ...

Discuss space asa a individual culture...

Open punctuation


Mcqs files main sy thy

True false

Fill in the blanks

Three theories of communication

Acknowledging and order ki definition 

Again, true false

English 301

Mcqs from past papers 

Total 26 questions 

20 mcqs 

6 subjective

What is meant by individual cultural variable?

Write a note on food in individual cultural variable.

2 questions true false 

Write emotional barrier in business communication.

1 question synonym tha smell or assistive ka


Time 4:00Pm

Mostly mcqs from handouts 

Only 5 or 4 from past papers

And written questions was true and false statement type and statements was from handouts

Overall easy tha but handouts ki reading sab must kijie

Today my eng 301 paper

1- true false 3 marks ke

2- Social environmental theory 2 marks ka

3- inside address 2 marks ka

4- write familiar words against unfamiliar words

5 marks ka

5- Write note on Acknowledgement letter 5 marks ka

Eng 301

1. Purpose of communication

2.Internal and external communication

3. styles of punctuation

4.Fill in blanks

5.True false

ENG 301

Mcqs mixup past files and handouts 

2 marks k true false 

3 marks k formal or informal reports sentences mn sa btna tha .

synonyms thy 3 marks k 

5 mark ka aik question tha different people write letter in different ways ??? explain 

5 marks ka tha company k director 

Today eng301 paper 

Define precision

Fill in the blanks from inquiry and encoding decoding topics

Name three theories

Name three business letter Which has "direct approach"

 Marks 5 Sympathy letter

"Your attitude" in communication

Eng 301 2022

Mostly repeated questions in midd exam

1-Punchuation types

2-Business Letter, order

3-Communication, types, theories


5-Sentence, types

6-Culture, types, space



9-Barrier in business

10-Familiar/unfamiliar s

11-Reports, it's types


13-Encoding / decoding



All Subjective Short and Long Questions were true, false and fill in the blanks except 1short question of 2 marks in which Definition of Perception with reference to Business Communication was asked.

MCQs, Objectives were totally from handouts

Main Topics for MCQs


7Cs principle

AIDA rule

Informal communication

Formal communication

Internal communication



Non- verbal communication

Order letter


20 mcqs from past paper

2 true false

What is context (3 marks)

2 Components of email (2 marks)

5 true false definitions or point (5 marks)

Open punctuation (5 marks)

Eng301 paper

McQ sary handouts hi thy

1 courtesy 3

2. Paralanguage 2

3. Types of punctuation style 5

4. True false thy oral and written communication ma sy 5

5. True false culture ur communication waly topic sy 3

eng 301 paper

50 percent mcq from previous quiz 

True false thy or 2 theory questions thy 

Paper easy tha

ENG301 Paper 

18 MCQs thy and Mcqs thori mushkil thy thy handouts main sy hi or 2 questions (2 Marks) ky thy jis main 1 question Invidual cultural k definition thee or 1 question (True/ False) ka thaa , 

2 questions (3 Marks) k thy jis main 2ono question (True/False) thy, 

2 questions (5 Marks) k thy jis main 1 question main ABC Company ko order letter ka body part likhna thaa weather vanures purchase Krny k lye or 1 question thaa wo sary (True/False) thy

Eng301 ka ppr 

Opne punctuation 5mrks

Order letter 3mrks .

Internet and external communications of business ko alag karna tha 3 marks

True false 4 marks


Mostly MCQs from past papers


 define recommendations

What is meant by acknowledgement of an order 

Define connotation

Or aik 5 num ka que tha mushkil words thy 5 unko simple m likhna tha


Mcqs easy thy 

Files m sy thy kuch new thy 

Questions saray true false and fill in the blanks walay thy 

Ik question  tha discuss space as individual culture

Or fill in the blanks thy 

Persuasive request ko zehan m rkhty huye fill krny thy 5 nmbr k


Oder letter

Fill in the blanks

True False

McQs Files m sa thy


 Today my paper

1_Defined the obstructing

2-Control in good news

3-Good news similar direct request plan

4- fill in the blanks

 5- long question

        Electronic theory of useful

Mcqs handout say 


Mcqs 20 thy kuch file sy thy baqi handouts 

2 or 5 numbers ky true false 

Provide only the names of the punctuation styles.5 marks.

Traits of a good communicator. 3 marks options thy 5 un mai sy pick krny thy. 

Which statement is avoided in buffer letter.3 options thy un mai sy pick krna tha. 2 marks


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