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ENG501 Current Midterm Papers 2022

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ENG 501 

Q1: East Midland district contributed the most to the formation of london standard.

What position did it hold between the extreme divergences of the north and south? (5)

Q2: Answer the following question about Paleolithic Age (2.5+2)

Why is Paleolithic’s age called old stone age? 

Which language did the Paleolithic’s speak? (5) 

Q3: What is the features of language that talks about times, place and people other than 'here and now' (3)

Q4: Name any two prominent literary figures who are known for the use of hypotactic style. (3)

Q5: aik dog ki story thi usy explain krna tha (3)

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Eng501 Paper

 total question 26

21 mcqs tha 

5 question tha

2 long 

3 short 

Long ma aik note on origin of language 

Or aik tha 4 points lekhna tha k  english language  ma kasa changes aik

Jo 3 short tha un ma aik tha in Hindu's point of view what is origin of language 

Aik tha how changes occure in language 

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Total ques:23 

18 Mcqs... Mix handouts and Past paper sy aye thy

3 ques.. 3 no k thy

2 ques.. 5 no k thy


*3 and 2 wala ques. 

*10th century me English ki imps. 

*middle English periods me frequently french kn used krtay thy? 

Eng501 Midterm exam.

1. In your handouts some articles of comfort or convenience are given that were commonly used in domestic life of middle English e.g cushion. Enlist three such articles of convenience from the domestic life of middle English.(3)

2. In the old English period, Which social class/es or zone/es of Britain used Latin?(3)

3. What was the experiment of the Egyptian pharaoh about original language as reported by the Greek writer Herodotus? (5)

4. Differentiate between "world English" and "world" Englishes. (5)

5. In the adjective, the leveling of forms had great consequences in the middle English period. What changes took place in the week declensions in the adjective of this period. (5).

Today paper Eng501 

The black death on impacts of middle English

America English and British English spell words

The Norman Conquest\


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