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MCM304 Current Midterm Papers 2022

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Repeated Some MCQs from Past Papers

 Short Questions

1) Write down the main segments of newspapers

2) Abbreviation of




3) What was the wrong impact of policies on media in Ayub Khan era

4) Ek question tha related to Afghan Crisis it was smthng like Why there was a need to Americans to support Mujahideen or afghan

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British reaction to media after war of independence

And Ayub khan era se related hi scnd detail question tha

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Today's paper:

Total questions: 22

Objective: 18

Subjective: 6

Duration: 60 minutes

Objective part

1. PPO full form?

2. NPA full form?

3. Gen Zia put forward how many demands during Afghan war?

4. Quaid addressed opening session of Pakistan Constituent Assembly on?

5. Universal Declaration on Human Rights date of?

6. Bengali written from?

7. Ayun govt reformed press laws in?

8. First time word Magazine was used in?

Subjective part

1. What was Militant Journalism in the subcontinent? (2 marks)

2. Why did America support the Jihadis during Afghan war? (2 marks)

3. Name three newspaper editors who were detained when Ayub came to power? (3 marks)

4. Why did Nawaz Sharif asked a number of journalists to be removed from a newspaper.


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