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PAK301 Current Midterm Papers 2022

Are you looking for PAK301 Current Midterm Papers 2022? If yes, then you visit the right site. Here are PAK301 Current Papers 2022. PAK301 Midterm Past Papers 2022.


Students must prepare these pak301 midterm current papers in 2022. Also, it can give pak301 midterm preparation 2022 essential topics, questions an overview of the paper.


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Pak301 ka exam diya tha

28 McQs thay

Or 2 question, 3 marks k,

Or 2 question, 5 marks k,

McQs YouTube say dekh kar gaya tha 70% usi me say aaye thay,

Or subjective me 1 question evolution or two nation theory wala tha,

1 question india Act wala tha,

1 question base of separate state in subcontinent wala tha,

Imp topics pak301

Two nation theory

Hindi Urdu controversy

Role of Jinnah, Allama iqbal and sir syed

Shimla deputation

Lucknow Pact

Khilafat Movement

Delhi Muslim proposals

Allama Iqbal presidential Address

Lahore resolution

The Cripps Mission

Jinnah Gandhi talks

Cabinet mission

3rd June plan

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Pak 301

Kirpis mission

Point about politics era 105 to 1020

Sir Syed Ahmed Khan give modernization the subcontinent


1.How many year Allama iqball stay uorp. 3year

2.Now And Never.1933.

3.embedar Hindu Muslim Unity .Quaid e Azam

4.sir syed go to england.1869

Philosophical expitation to ideology of pakistan.Allama iqball

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24 ya 22 mcqs 

Ik short 3 mark 

2 long 5 mark each


Canal water solution 



1945 congress and Muslim leagues


1:why Kashmir is a bone of contention between Pakistan and India ( 5 marks) 

2: Write three points of khilaft moment (5) 

3: Write down contribution of sir syed ahmad khan ( 3) 

4: write down three points of Lahore resolution (3) 

Mcqs kafi easy tha


22 mcqs thy . Dates waly b thy or  dosry b thy.. or questions theek hi thy bhot mushkil nhi thy..


address of allabad background long

. modern eng importanf for muslim why long

1935 ka 3 point


Khilafat movement failure cause #3

Khilafat movement goals 3# 

Nehru report #3

Political role of Rahmat Ali 5#

Rahmat Ali's conflict about Hindu-Muslim 5#

28 MCQ'S

PAK 301 Ka paper tha 

Question no 1

Why Gandhi hunger strike against Indian government

Question no 2

Syed Ahmed khan short note

Question no 3 

Reason of partition of Bengal

Pak 301 

what is Minot-Marley- reform few points? 

What is J.S.C?

What is democracy?

What is the difference between Martial Law and Military Rule?

What do you know about the Government of India Act, 1935?

What was the Nationalization of 1970,s?

What is an agro-based industry?

What is animal husbandry?

What is the definition of a Muslim in the constitution of Pakistan?

What is Martial Law?

What are the Powers of the president?

What is a federal system?

What do you know about the One Unit Scheme (1955)?

What is the importance of Objectives Resolution(1949)?

What do you know about the Cripps Mission 1942?

What was chora chori incident?

What is Rowlett Act (1919)

What is Jallianwala Bagh Incident?

What is Aligarh Movement?

What is Separate Electorate?

84: 'A. D.' and 'B. C.' are acronyms of which words?…

Today Pak301 paper 

Total 32 question 

28 mcqs from past + Handouts+YouTube 

2 shorts 

Chaudhary rehmat ali ki life history 

2sra long 

Simla Deputation 

3sra Short 

Why muslims suport bangal for Sperate 3 points 

4th long 

India Act 1916 .. 5 silently point

pak study paper done 

32 mcqs mostly dates

Why muslim affected by british 3 marks questionwrite three points on the formation of indian muslim league 5 marks

Exolain the name of pakistan and meaning 5 marks


MCQs from handouts (mostly important dates and figures)

Sir Syed Ahmad Khans contributions

Emergence of Pakistan's Ideology in the Subcontinent

Significance of Lahore Resolution

PAK301 Current Paper 

1_Who was 1st PM of Pakistan.

2_When Sir Syed visited England.

3_When MAO school was established.

4_What was total share of rupees for Pakistan during Partition.

5_Who said these lines "NWFP,Sindh,Punjab,Balochistan are states but will not be merely states rather a country".

6_How many years Allama Iqbal remained in Europe.

7_what is Ideology (MCQ).

8_when did quaid Azam Initiated Political career.

9_Chora Chori Incident date.

10_who kept on sending messages to Quaid Azam from 1936 to 1937.

11_After the meeting of  Dehli Muslim Proposal which group was divided from Muslim League, It was Sir Shafi group.

12_What were the political situations of Subcontinent after WW 2. Long answers.

13_Important Points of Allahabad address. … 


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