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PSY403 Current Midterm Papers 2022

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Students must prepare these psy403 midterm current papers in 2022. Also, it can give psy403 midterm preparation 2022 essential topics, questions an overview of the paper.


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1. Ali perform better in front of mirror but not in the function. Kch trh ka tha

2. Types of study in degsn kch aista 

3. Long ma why prefer observational of conducting research 

4. How we make accurate judgment diss cusd

16 mcqs rhy total 22 question thy 2 5marks and 3 3marks

Psy 403

Long questions .................

1....Mere exposure ...?

2....How many    questions are use in survey .... With example..... ?

Short question...........

- research design?

-category and prototype ?

- personal and social identity which  is dominant on your personality? 

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Some Mcqs conceptual

๐Ÿ–Š️1. Reason of lying successful

๐Ÿ–Š️2. Six step of rearch question

๐Ÿ–Š️3. Longitudinal research 

๐Ÿ–Š️4. Baby face consequences positive and negative people experienced...

๐Ÿ–Š️5. Brain  imagine technique 5 marks

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My paper psy403 

Q1. What are two main advantages of social psychology? 3 marks

Q2. You know all types of data collection, which have main role in social psychology and why? 3 marks

Q3. What are three factors of attitude, behavior relationship? 3 marks

Q4. differentiate between self regulation and self regulation failure with examples. 5 marks

Q5. How can we do accurate judgment of others? 5 marks 

Ak ali wala tha justify karna tha 

Paper easy tha overall 

Psy 403 

 Private and public self-awareness

False consensus effect

Aik ayesha wala tha k woh public m pics waghera bnwati hai kisi sy to us ko identify krna tha

Availability heuristics and experimental heuristic with example

Baqi yad kr k btao gi

 18 mcqs thy baqi questions

My paper midterm psy403

Sources of research question 2

Violence areas of federman 2

3,3 marks ki Two statement koi Ali wali thi un main self or attitude  unko justify krna tha  

The just world hypothesis 5 marks

Brain imaging technologies 5 marks

Psy403 midterm

Define open ended and close ended questions

What is fundemental attribution error?

How can sociology and social psychology can effect on human behavior?

Psy 403

Quiz Past tah

Short Question

Independents and dependts ka different

Hi and punishment

Locus of casuality of attribution

Dispositional attribution

Development of self

Baki bhool gai ๐Ÿ˜œ


Define schema& three characteristics of schema 

Sense of belief that research proved proved ..

Important step in research  and why...

Two questions conceptual .. mcqs 16 current McQ files. Sy thy Alhumdilah


Self regulation apni btani thi

Social and naking sense me apna batana tha

Statistics k 2 tareeky konsy use hoty hn

Women role in Pakistan

Psy403 current 2022 papers

1Reinforcement and punishment 

2Violence wala ek tha 

3Ek scnario tha Sara exam ki preparation nhe krti or fail ho jati h and Phr teacher pe blame krti h, SSAB ans tha. Means identify krna tha kon sa bias h. The Self-Serving Attribution Bias Ye ans tha..

4The fundamental attribution error

Mcqs filess quiz 1 and 2 se thy mostly.


Stratfied or clustr smplng research ki types or aik self waly me sy tha qstn aik sanero.tha baki bhol gya

Mcq  2 3 file sy thy baki new thy


Independent aur dependent design..aur mixed aur longitudinal attributes ty

Aur m.cqs kuch files sy ty aur kuch conceptual


Today 12:00 pm

mcqs quiz file say they or 1 ya 2 thy new

1-How can sociology and social psychology can effect on human behavior?

2-Sub question

3-Difference between fundamental attribution error and self serving with example

4-or 1 scenario diya hua tha operational behaviour ka tha 



Define survey or iski four techniques explain krni thn

Define correlation

Gender schema 

Common sense in social psychology 

Mcqs past papers se thy 

Bhttttttttt easy paper tha ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜


Mcqs mostly file sy thy kuch conceptual thy

Facial feedback 

Attribute errors 


Benefits of participating in experiments design

Ek bhool gai



Benefits of participating in experiment design

Facial feedback 

Attribution error

Social psychology k errors

Long question aik tha fundamental attributes error 

Describe  types of data 

Aik question tha social psychology  human behavior predict kasy krti han expalin kry 

Three important steps of research methods

Long question aik tha fundamental attributes error 

Describe  types of data 

Aik question tha social psychology  human behavior predict kasy krti han expalin kry 

Three important steps of research methods

Psy403 2:30pm

MCQs from files


1: three roles Pakistani society has assigned to males.

2: experiment wy we don't like most of our photos

3: theory re effermiation

4: difference between self serving bias and and fundamental attribution error.

5: forgot



Culture difference in attribution error

Type of attitude 

Types of brain imeaging


Common sense and social psychology se related ๐Ÿคจ.3 marks

A 1 month baby is sticking his tongue out, when he saw the person doing same infront of him.  Identify nonverbal operational behaviour ? Why this non verbal cue is used here give a logical answer. 3 marks๐Ÿคจ

3 physical features to categories objects. 3 marks

Aik scenario tha us me experimental and control group identify krna tha. 3 marks

Cultural bias in attribution error. 5 marks

Describe 2 influential theorists /contributors who identify self. 5 marks

My paper psy403.

Mcqs from handouts and most conceptual.

Enlist any three non-probability methods.

Facial feedback theory?

Scenerio tha regarding mere exposure?

 5 method of brain imaging?

Physiological method of detecting lie?

What are method of detecting lie ?

Psy 403 today 12 pm . 

Self scheme Wala long . Social psychology is explain Human behavior more than other domain long tha.. scienfic method and goals . Individualistic and collectivis

Psy403 today's paper:

1) three Pakistani roles assigned to male gender.. 3marks

2) open ended and close ended question... 3 marks

3) three features of public and private self.... 3 marks

4) name of 3 areas overlap with social psychology.... 3 marks

5) detail study of federman..... 5 marks

6) how you will explain negative events, optimism or pessimist. Explain one negative event and give causes..... 5 marks


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