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SOC101 Current Midterm Papers 2022

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SOC101 Mid-Term Paper

Q1: What do you think of hierarchy of offices in bureaucratic characteristics?

Q2: Do you believe that women get the different treatment in justice system? Explain logically

Q3: Is social conflict due to the reason that resources are exploited by rich?

Q4: Both rule breaker and rule maker is influence by social power. Do you agree? 

Q5: Define imperialism ..

SOC101 Current Paper 

16Mcqs conceptual + definition 

1. difference between deviance and crime

2. Cumulative and verifiable characteristic of scientific statement

3.any example of same status ascribed and achieved in different situations control explanation

5.any three diverse nature of society by comte

6. illegitimate opportunity provides more chances of crime or not

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SOC101 Midterm Past Papers

Mine paper soc101

All MCQs were conceptual not from any file or handouts there are 16 mcqs and 6 questions 

Q1 what is the connection between human behavior and sociological perspective. 3 marks

Q2. Comparison between category and crowd. 3 marks bs ye ak question ata tha mujhy

Q3. mention three biological theories that best describes the daviance? 3 marks

Q4. Is culture variable? Explain your answer with examples? 5 marks

Q5. Explain socialization of children base on the family socialization with examples in upper,middle and lower class? 5 marks esa he tha kuch ye question 

Mostly conceptual he thy 

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Primary and secondary socialization

Defective features of criminal

Women are treated differently than man in justice

Different phenomena of cause and effect


Q: Power Ka Taluk Rule Making Aur Breaking KY Sath? (3)

Q: Kisi Ki 2 control theory KY System identify Aur Explain krna tha ? (5)

Q: example of Ascribed as well as  Achieved Status  on Depending Situation ? (3)

Q: Researcher KY bary Mai tha KY wo Kisi cause aur effect different phenomeno Mai Kesy Kary ga (5)

Q: KY Exploitation Of money from Rich people in developing country Kesy outcome hai class conflict KY Kuch aesa tha (3)

Today is my paper.

Ppr name: - SOC101

Mcqs 16 thy handouts sy aethy or thory files sy aethy aik file hai mery pass usy sy or 3 ya 4 conceptional thy itny muskil nahi thy.

Short question 4 thy.

1.Faculty per short note.

2.Moertality per short note.

3. Pakistan me social change.

4. Pakistan me education.

Long question 2 thy.

1.Urdu teachings ky importance.

2.Modern societies ky importance pakistan ky reference sy.


16 MCQs.

5 marks questions:

Effect of bureaucratic environment on people.

3 marks questions:

Achieved ascribed status


Ideal culture and real culture

Bureaucratic hierarchy of offices

Problem definition 

 W reckless deviance theory long

 Social isolation definition

Soc101 12:00 pm

Total 22 questions

16 MCQs

Why education is important tell being a sociologist (5)

Why isolated people can't handle society? (5)

Role of belief in society(3)

Limitations of social conflict theory(3)

Soc 101

1) Define deviance, crime, social control

2) Bureaucracy strct hierarchy implement krte hai agree or disagree

3) agree or disagree that self is a product of social interaction 

4) Normative Organization


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