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ZOO301 Current Midterm Paper 2022

Are you looking for ZOO301 Current Midterm Papers 2022? If yes, then you visit the right site. Here are ZOO301 Current Papers 2022. ZOO301 Midterm Past Papers 2022.


Students must prepare these zoo301 midterm current papers in 2022. Also, it can give zoo301 midterm paper essential topics, questions an overview of the paper.


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Write down hearing porocess? (5) 

Define profeminofora (2)

How birds absorb uv light? (2)

Write down properties of muscle (3)

Note on photoreceptors in euglena (3)


What do you know about goosp humps.2

What do you know about autonomic nervous system .2

What is phenomena of skeletal  muscle  contraction in regulation . 5

What is the process of hearing vertebrae. 5 

Describe the integumentary system in invertebrates. 3

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1: define an animal

2: what is the process of hearing in vertebrates?

3: write names of cardinal nerve?

4: muscle contraction

5: note on birds skin

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Zoo301 my paper

1. How corals make carbonated shell?

2. What is near-point vision?

3. What is amoeboid movement?

4. What is tapetum lucidium?

5. How hearing is processed in vertebrates?

6. Describe integumentary system of cartilaginous fishes?




neurons structure

cranial nerve

human eye


Structural types of neurons.2

Importance of nervous system.3

What do you know about photoreception in euglena.3

Types of autonomic nervous system.2

Describe ciliary and flagellary movement.5

Sensory organs of invertebrates.5

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