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ZOO505 Current Midterm Paper 2022

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My zoo505 today paper

Mcqs grand quiz wali file sy thy kuch new thy

Short questions:

1. Scientific Definition of RNA2

2.why plasma membrane is called selectively permeable2

3.function of intermediate filament3

4.Ligand Gates in plasma membrane 3

5.Three characteristics of genetic material 3

Long Questions:

Chargaff DNA structure 5

Enlist various Functions of plasma membrane 5

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1-chargaf DNA

2-pyrimides of DNA

3-hdrolysis and condensation

4-heterochromt and euchromatin


Facilated transporter 2

Euchromatin hetrochromatin3

Bases in nucleic acid2

Protein membeane names3

Cell function  5

Golgi complex func5ion

Postulatez of dna edwin chargaff  5

Bond between dna strands

When J s and Garth discover fluid mosaic…

Year likens

When two molecule cemented together they called as?

Organism have flagella and microtubules filagellum 

1. Prokaryotes 

2. Eukaryotes



Polymer of microtubules have 

1.ATP actin

2.Gtp tubulin 

3. None 

4 yad ni option

Zoo505 Today my paper

Layyah campus:

*Facilitated transporter 


*Name the types of membrane protein

*Function of Golgi complex

*Explain the Skou proposal to coupling Active transport and ATP hydrolysis.

* Give three set of experiment that provides evidence that DNA is the genetic material.

* State chargaff rule for DNA base pairing.

 Mcqs file thy Kuch Kuch.

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zoo 505 

1.Charagaff rule 

2. Common points of eukaryotic and prokaryotic cells 

3. What is transition temperature 

4. Structure of intermediate filament 

5. Scientifically define cytokinesis 

6. Aquaporins


Q1.3 membrane Lipid name .2 marks 

Q2. Explain how Plasma membrane selective permeable .2marks

Q3. Chargraff contribution.5 marks

Q4. Golgi complex function 3 marks 

Q5. Explain phosphodiester bond between deoxyribonucleotide 

Q6. Note on Cholesterol in plasma membrane

Zoo 505.                

Difference between condensation and hydrolytic reactions 

2. Process of condensation and hydrolysis  

3. Why cell division is necessary 

4 importance of metaphase 2 

5. Chrgaff role for dna structure

Long question

Facilitated movement

Chargaff for DNA


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