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CS403 Current Final Term Papers 2022

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CS403 Paper

🔍Types of Attacks

🔍Audit records for A condition

🔍 Business Re engineering

🔍E Government Model

🔍Suppose you have to make A database of Employees of company, with Employees Id, name, phone, father name, DOB, honors

What is the primary key, 🗝, etc


Past paper sy kuch mcqs

Quires k 3 question

Ek table tha 

3 marks 

List of any two disk

Count function btana tha Kya Kam krta ha

Baki 2 question na hi ydd hà wo muskil tha

Last lec sa lec 40 to 45

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Kuch mcqs moaaz ki file se thy 

1-Horizontal and vertical partitions difference wala question tha 

2-Designing krty howe Kya option mind me rkhny chahye ye swal tha 

3- 2 questions queries k about the jis me ak student ko show krna tha jo k lhr se tha MCs ka 

5- ye question b query me se tha jis me table dya tha or us k about 2 part me swal thy

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examination system on Database 5 numbers ka tha jis ke output deni the jis main name course sub batana tha Jo k lecture no 25 main hy as k ilwa 5 numbers ka swal tha types of views. Explain Karna tha 

What is Hashing ? 2 number k yh sawal tha

1 table create Karna tha 'city' attributes batny thy 2 number ka ik table tha us main 

EMP ka name ant address lihna tha 2 number ka and types or error 2 number ka


Product_id, name etc k column draw karne thay

Employee ka data diya Hua tha sql command likhni thi

Diff b/w simple and complex view

3 advantages of horizontal partitioning 

Diff b/w serial and interleave schedule

Output of some commands likhni thi 


Mcqs past+ conceptual

Define view,types of views,syntex of view 5 marks

Table dia tha tha mex+min CgPA ki output likhni thi only output 5 marks

Purpose of Materialize view 3 marks

Quire likhni tha name strt with A 3 marks

quire likhni thi Using views.. product table , product list yh question 

3 marks ka tha

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