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CS408 Current Final Term Papers 2022

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Students must prepare these cs408 finalterm current papers 2022. Also, it can give cs408 final term preparation 2022 important topics, questions, and an overview of the paper with downloads pdf files below.


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Mcqs some past paper and some handouts 

*3 Sovereign posture applications

*Steps of Trunk test

*Steps of Brick and marble esa kuch ta 3 marks ka 


Trunk test


Design principles b ty s.q m wo btane ty Jin se visual interface  improve ho ske esa kuch

Cs408 paper

Mcq past paper files mein sy thy.

Es k ilawa conceptual question thy prr un mein

(Soverign  posture,

Marble answering machine

Working of bricks 

Story boarding



Key path scenario


En topics mein sy questions thy

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cs408 paper

Mcqs were almost past papers files

1; good website characteristics 3 marks

2:  contextual needs and requirements 3 marks

3: 3 characteristics of evaluation 3 marks

4:  user testing k three point 3 marks

5: signposts note 5 marks

6:  web accessbility 5 marks

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Today CS408  

Conceptual Question

Q1. As a System Analyst Navigational Portal Ka Question Tha

Q2. Environmental Portal Ka Tha

Q3. 3 Good Reason btane the investing for user tesing  Findout points Web Browser ko fast krne k liye 

Q4. SignPost Ka Question Tha...

Q5. Five Qualative Analysis Points Work Experience Briefly

Q6. abc.com us navigation website how to improve suggest me a real word example

Cs408 Hci

Positive feedback and negative feedback. 3 marks

Undo operations

Explanatory undo

Give Reasons why to Use Navigation Tab. In designing 5marks

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